Day 74 – 11/12 Samoa Beach

We had a busy day with work, school, and making reservations but made time to check out Samoa Beach.

The girls had another good day of school and got their work done on their own mainly.  Bella needed some assistance from Carol with some reading, but she did most of her work by herself.  

I had some work calls, did some work, worked on posts and spent another good amount of time on reservations.  As I organized our next few weeks, I was able to put specific dates and most reservations for our entire stay in California.  I’m missing a few dates that I could not reserve yet in the Thousand Trails system as they only allow 60 days in advance.  But, we will be going to Death Valley last, and from there we will be able to go towards Arizona and Grand Canyon by going through…. VEGAS BABY!!  Yeeee… Vegas was not quite in the plan, but that’s how the itinerary worked out so we’ll make a quick stop there.  Also, even though I removed Lassen Volcanic NP from our itinerary, I was able to add a few unplanned ones in.  We are going to be back on the go go go real soon :).

On another news, my car was sold today.  Someone had sent me a bunch of questions just a few days ago, and we were exchanging messages and he was very interested.  He applied for the loan and got approved for the full amount, so he went to check out the car, loved it, and went to the bank to get the check. Then went back to get the car and the winter tires and wheels.  Thanks to Bob and Judy for all the help with moving the car around and coordinating with Kevin, the buyer.  Thanks to Tom for assisting with the first visit too.  And congrats to Kevin, you’re going to love the car.

Carol worked on some shorter videos for Facebook and posted them.  Made lunch and then took a nap.

Mid to late afternoon when the girls were done with school, and I was done with work and reservations we decided to go check out Samoa Beach.  Samoa beach is pretty close, as it’s the first exit once we get into Eureka. 

We got there before 4, and even though the day was a bit cloudy and foggy, we had good views and had some sun light to enjoy. 

Bella brought stuff for her kite and wanted me to help her finish it so she could fly it.  That was a bit of a problem as the kite was made with twigs, using quite big strings, plastic bags rather than paper, etc.  We made it look like a kite, with the tail and all, but it would take some tweaking to make it fly, and a good amount of wind.  The first attempt to fly it was not very good, but all we needed to do was fix the spot where the string was attached to, so it was more stable and centered.  Once that was done the kite was in the air and pretty much followed Bella properly.  So, it worked!  But, Bella was expecting something different and when she finished her run and saw the kite had just followed her, she was very frustrated and just smashed the kite. hahahaha.. and that was the end of it. 

Fortunately, Bia and Carol were picking up shells and drawing a heart with them on the sand, so Bella decided to do that too, after pouting by herself for a few minutes. Hahahaha

All was better from there.  The girls were having fun running around the beach, finding shells, doing their designs.  Carol was walking around, enjoying it and taking pictures.  I was on the phone with a friend for some time, then joined the girls. 

We had brought the fishing pole along, so Bella wanted to try to fish.  Again, fishing by the shore right in front of the waves, with lake artificial lures doesn’t work too well.  But, we have the pole along just so they have something to do.  Bella likes trying anyway. 

We were at the beach for close to 2 hours, then decided to go to town. 

Before we left Bia decided roll on the sand. 🙂

On our way out, there were too people pulling a stuck vehicle with an older Jeep, but they looked stuck, so Carol asked if they needed any help.  They apparently had been stuck and were out now, but the rope they used to connect the vehicles was now stuck and they could not untie it, so they needed to cut it.  Hahahah… luckily for them, I had a saw in the truck.  Pretty funny to see their faces when they saw my saw. Hahaha….  It didn’t take the guy 1 minute to cut the rope and we were out.

From there we went to a brewery in town.  It’s a smaller place and they only served beer, and some Pellegrino soda water.  We just had a beer and left to go get dinner. 

I told Carol I wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant so she found the better one in town.  We went there and it was ok.  I was expecting much better food and honestly mine was barely ok.  Rice was hard, probably had been on the side of the pan for a long time. etc.  Anyway, we had our dinner and then went home to get ready for bed.

On a side note, my right foot is still sore.  Under my right foot, right in the middle of the arch.  I’m not sure what I did but it’s like the ligament is irritated.   Hope it gets better soon because it’s a bit hard to walk, so no running or biking for me until it’s better.

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