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I’m an artist and designer surrounded by great friends and family. I love to visit my family back in Brazil because I like getting exposed to new things and trends, and I love the fashion there very much… lots of colors and patterns and small businesses that design and sell their own creations. I feel recharged, filled with love and inspirations, craving to sit down on my studio and create the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. 
I love art of all kinds, and the simple textures of everyday things. Cooking is a secondary passion. I love to gather people and please them with a new recipe. Of course, I do everything or most of it from scratch, otherwise it is not fun.

My story is not different from anyone else’s, only my experiences are unique to me. I’ve been “making things” all my life; always wanted to make my own things, buying something ready to wear would not fulfill my need, if you know what I mean.   My mom came from a poor family and she did not have a doll to play with, so she had to make her own with a piece of fabric and a corn cob. How amazing is that? Guess what the first thing that I wanted to learn how to sew was? Her story inspired me, and I wanted to make my own dolls. Using my grandma’s old pedal machine I taught myself how to sew, that was a challenge but I did it, had to get my mom to learn the basics just so she could teach me. That old pedal machine broke many times, but never gave up on me. After that, I learned how to crochet because of course I wanted my dolls to have their clothing designed by me, and believe me – I was about seven years old!!!

Everything that I’ve done was always trial and error, and repeating the process many times would lead me to perfection.
I was always busy making stuff, from dolls to soap and goodies, to give as gifts to my family and of course, make some money.
My early creations were not perfect products, but my mom would always appreciate them by saying “It is AMAZING!!!” Thanks Mom!!!

I went to school for Industrial design in Sao Paulo, and there I learned many things, like the concept of a production line and patterns, etc. Even though the course was not specialized in fashion, I was able to apply the concepts of the creation process into the business I was starting in 2001.   Of course, after graduating I worked in a design office that had many great brands as clients, which brings the glamour of designing and seeing your creations on the shelves, but working in an office was not for me at all. After a few months I quit and started making a few purses for friends, and that was the start of it. They would use it in college and all their friends would want to have one as well. Oh boy, I got busy… so busy that I had to bring my wonderful mom on board to help me out.   Our house became a factory… fabrics all over, the dining room table became the cutting table. After a few years we moved out to a studio, and started to employ people. This was themost stressful but rewarding phase because I felt the reward of helping and creating jobs for families that really needed.

In 2006 I came to US to travel with a friend and met my soul mate :). Even though we knew each other from Brazil since we were kids, this was the perfect timing to meet again… making the story short, we got married in 2007 and I left everything behind… That was the biggest challenge of my life!!!  Here in Wisconsin I had to first learn English, than meet people and get busy, which I did for a few years. 
In 2010 I had my first daughter Bia, and in 2011 I had Bella, my two most precious things.  

At the end of 2011 I decided to follow my heart, quit my job to take care of my girls and start sewing all over again, creating pretty things and making women HAPPY.  Sewing is my greatest passion and therapy. Going to a fabric shop is like a candy store for me, I come back filled with pretty prints and textures, which lead my imagination to create what they will become. That is why most of my creations are one of a kind.  I am always trying new technics, researching new fabrics, and lately I decided to adventure into screen print, which allows me to create an even more special print and final product.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope to have inspired you. 🙂

Carolina Stefano

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