Day 73 – 11/11 Agate Beach

We checked out Agate Beach today and some points between there and Eureka, we had a great time and saw amazing views.

Today was a good day at the Romanini Virtual School. :). The girls got their work done earlier, and did everything pretty much on their own.  Bella did all her work, plus caught up and complete social studies on her own.  This was great!

I was able to go on a 4 mile run right around here. 

There’s a trail that starts next to highway 101 to the right of our campground, so I ran there. 

It was a great run. 

Nice views, peaceful, just a few people biking or running.  No dogs.  And best of all, it was a bit warmer.

Our plan was to get out as early as possible today, so Carol did some work on videos and got lunch ready early.

Right after lunch, and right around noon, we were able to leave.  The plan was to go North to a few spots we didn’t hit yet, so Carol picked Agate Beach.  We drove for about 45 minutes to get to the entrance, and it was another one of those entrances that unless you know where you’re going there would be no reason to take it as you can’t tell where it goes.  That part of the road is a bit inland, so that exit kind of goes into the woods.  You drive for just a bit in the woods until you get to a guard gate so you can pay the $8 per vehicle for the day use fee.  There are a few different places to go on that stop, some beach access, some trails, view points and a campground.  We followed the signs to Agate Beach. 

Agate beach is a beach that is pretty much all small round stoned rather than sand. 

The waves are beating at the shore non stop, so no surfing is allowed there as it’s too rough.  The constant back and forth motion pushes stones towards the shore and pretty much rounds them out and makes them very smooth.  Supposedly it dumps a lot of Agate Stones there too, which is what people look for when walking there. 

The views are pretty amazing too, cliffs right next to the beach, sun right behind the cliff, with sun rays coming through the trees, the ocean mist coming into land, it’s pretty cool.  We Walked around and explored for 2 about hours.  We saw lots of pretty stones, lots of pieces of wood that were super smooth. 

There was a dead seal carcass at the beach in one spot, and Bella found the skull of a seagull as well, which she took and named it “beaky”. 

The girls were picking up some star fish, the round ones, and calling them silver dollars. hahahaha.. on that term, they had quite a bit of money in the bucket :). We did not find any big prize, but we had a great time walking around, looking for stuff.

When we were walking out of the beach to go to the next stop, Carol realized one of Bella’s tennis shoes that were “tied” to the bucket they had been carrying was not there. Bella started crying right away that she had lost her shoe, so I said I’d walk back and find it. I walked back maybe a quarter mile and the shoe were there. hahahaha. I think the shoe was enjoying the view.

Super cool place, birds, waves, sun…

On my way up to the car, I saw two interesting things. One we keep seeing every time we are near the water since we hit Oregon… it’s the Tsunami danger signs.

The other was this crazy looking tree. To me, it looked like the tree was throwing its hair back 🙂

Then we checked out Patricks Point and Wedding Rock.  Patricks Point is at the corner of the bluff and offers awesome views of the ocean towards both sides.  Amazing views.  It was a quick stop with many pictures. 

Then Carol wanted to go climb wedding rock, but the girls didn’t, so we got close and just sat right in front of it, while Carol went on it. 

Another place with amazing views.

From there we decided to start driving back and hit the smaller roads that are next to the beach.  It’s a very awesome drive.  Some of the roads were pretty bare, some were compacted dirt, had holes, but the views were amazing.  There was a spot full of cars on the side of this dirt road, and as we got closer we could see lots of surfers in the water.

We did make a stop at Moonstone Park Beach, in Trinidad. 

What a beautiful spot.  Sun was setting already and the views were amazing.  I took some pictures and could not help but comment how the California Coast is beautiful. 

We enjoyed the amazing views, the kids enjoyed the views and playing with sand, etc.  We kept driving near the coast as much as we could from there.

Then we went to a restaurant downtown for Sushi. 

I had looked it up and it had great reviews for their sushi, so I surprised Carol and the girls. 

The outside does not say anything about Sushi, and the name of the place doesn’t either. 

The place is right by the water, so more like seafood restaurant looking. hahaha…

They loved the surprise. 

We had great Sushi there, and we had a good time.  Then from there we got some Ice Cream next door.

After dinner we just went back home and got ready for bed.  I actually went to bed almost right away as I was very tired, so this time the girls came to my bed to say good night. hahahah…. Very nice day today.

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