Day 93 – 12/1 Half Moon Bay

Today we got to go to Half Moon Bay, nice place!

I can’t believe it’s already December.  Feels like time is flying. 

We had our normal morning routine, with the addition of the girls first Xmas Advent Calendar. 

They were excited to jump out of bed and open day 1, read the message and eat their chocolate.  They never had an advent calendar and are excited to have one now, and be able to follow along and build up excitement for Xmas, oh and eat chocolate in the morning. Hahahah. 

They had a good day of school today, and were both done early, before lunch time.  Carol went to the grocery store nearby, on foot since it’s that close, and Bella went along.

I had lots of work calls and was on the phone and working most of the morning, last call ended at 1:30pm so Carol and the girls had lunch without me.  When I was done with the last call, I had lunch and we left to Half Moon Bay.

It’s nice to drive on PCH1 as you’re driving right next to the ocean most of the time, and we pass many beach access roads, lots of trailheads as well.  I had put the access to Dunes Beach in the GPS, which is part of Half Moon Bay. 

As we drove in, it was another fee to park type of place, this one was $10.  I didn’t have enough cash to pay this one, so we skipped the envelope and I’ll see how I can settle that later. 

The beach is very nice, it’s very long, lots of sand and the access is higher, like a cliff type of access.  We went in and started walking around and exploring the beach.  It was super nice. 

Great views.  It was not too cold but the wind was blowing non stop.  As we were getting ready to turn around, Carol noticed there were waves in some spots that were running backwards… meaning, waves running into the ocean rather than into the beach.  And sure enough….

What a wacky sight, and most importantly what happened next was more amazing.. that backwards wave would crash against the incoming (proper) wave and create a big splash right there, it was an amazing sight to see.  Not sure if this thing has a name, but I’ll see if I look it up before I post this.  We tried to get some pictures and videos, but it just didn’t do it justice.  We just stayed there and watched for a good 10-15 minutes.

The girls were having a good time just walking around and exploring.  Bia took my phone and made a test video for her Youtube channel hahahaha.  Yep, we are back on that topic.  Her new channel is now Bia’s Random Things. hahahaha… She named it.  She just walked around talking to the phone.  I gave her the challenge to open the video, talk whatever she wanted, and at the 1 minute mark close and stop the recording.  And then watch it to make sure she had said something of interest, and not had a ton of blank space or hmms and aghhhs.  She re-recorded like 20 times, but had fun. 

Then she drew a subscribe button on the sand and had me record her saying something like “smash this subscribe button” as she jumped on it. Hahaha It turned out pretty good.

Bella drew an SOS this time… not sure why, maybe subliminal massage that she wanted to leave? Hahahahah.

I wanted to check out the small town, so I opened the GPS and looked for a beach access area, and while doing so I saw the Half Moon Bay Brewery was right there, so I picked that and we went there to have a beer and see the sun set from there. 

The spot is really nice, right in front of the beach.  They said they’ve been brewing for 20 years or more. 

The beers were indeed pretty good.  We ended up having Calamari, which was likely one of the biggest portions we’ve ever gotten, and it was pretty good.  The girls decided they wanted to try their homemade Mac and Cheese.  It was pretty good for me, but it was a bit too right for them. 

It was getting cold as the sun was setting, so we had them turn the patio heaters, which helped.

Carol let the girls use her phone, but only to play a charades game, can’t remember the name of the app, but it’s pretty cool… the word shows up on the screen while the person holds the phone to their forehead… the other players try to get that person to guess what the word was by sounding, or acting, etc…if they guess right they tilt the phone screen down and forward, then back, and a new word appears and counts as a right guess, otherwise you tilt back to pass, or if time runs out it just automatically does the next word.  We played that for a good 30 minutes, and we had a lot of fun.  So much that people from other tables were also laughing and enjoying hahahaha.

When we were all done eating we moved on and Carol wanted to stop at a Michaels store so Bella could look at some Birthday gift ideas, and also to get some more Xmas decorations.  I stayed in the car while the girls and Carol went.  They came back kind of quick with some stuff, and told me they wanted to go to Target next.  Target was close, but I drove the truck there.  We parked near a BevMo store, so I went there while they went to target.  BevMo sells liquor, and they have a pretty good selection of wines, hard liquor and beer.  I picked up a couple of different beers.  The best surprise was to find a Hinano, which is a beer Carol and I had a lot of in Bora Bora when we went for our 10th anniversary.  I got a bottle for her.  I also got a big champagne bottle size of a special beer by Anchor Brewing… we’ll keep that one for Xmas or New Years.. I think it’ll make it. Haha.

From there we went back home and worked on some Xmas decorating.  Tree and lights are up, mantel is setup, it’s looking nice.  I thinks soon I’ll also have the trailer lights on outside at night as part of our decoration :).

Not a ton of new stuff today, but always nice to hang out by a beach and see new stuff.

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