Day 92 – 11/30 Chill Day and Bike Ride turned to Run

Today was more of a chill day, with school, bike ride turned to run, and Carol did some shopping.

Returning to school after a 5 day break is tough even when you’re doing virtual school, so it was a bit hard for the girls.  Bia got going right away as usual and didn’t seem to feel it as much. 

Bella had a hard time waking up, then didn’t want to get out of bed… that’s where virtual school also has benefits, school went to her in bed hahahaha… I just put all her stuff by her bunk and she was watching her ELA class, and doing work in no time. 

From there, they both did good and they were done with their school work by lunch time.

I got caught up early morning in posts, and bills, then got some work stuff done.  I wanted to go for a long bike ride, so I got Carol’s bike down from the bike rack, pumped the tires, and got everything ready to go.  I was leaving around 10, planning on doing a 2 hour bike ride.  I traced a path from here to almost the Golden Gate Bridge, all via ocean front access and was very excited.  I left at 10 or so, and rode about a mile or so, and my front tire was flat.  F!  That made me mad. 

That was the second time the front tire on Carol’s bike has a flat, and now I’m out of spare tubes since I didn’t fix the other one from when it happened in South Dakota.  I need to buy a kit, and likely a new tube just in case.I walked back pushing the bike, and was gone for about 20 minutes total.  But I was determined to have a workout, so I just changed into my running gear and left for a run towards the same side I was going on the bike.  That direction is a lot more hilly as there’s a steep hill right at the 1 mile mark, which is what I was riding when the flat showed up.  But, right after you run up the steep hill, you get access to a nice path with nice views of the ocean from the top, and then you can access the beach way down there as well.

The area is called Mussels Rock, I’m guessing because down there there is one big rock in the water that is entirely covered in Mussels.  By the gate, there’s also a sign that they had recent Coyote sightings in the are.

I had a nice run in the area, it’s not flat at all, as it’s basically access from the top of the hill to the beach and back, so steep trail up and down.  Heart rate was high, speed was low :). It was a nice run, great views and good weather.  

Carol worked on laundry today, she said the laundry room here is great, lots of machines, clean, but a bit pricier than others, but worth it.  She got all the laundry done pretty much at the same time since they have so many machines, so all our clothes and bedding and towels too.  This was much better than doing it in two days, because when everything is back and we need to fold and put away, and make beds, etc we only have a big mess for one day :). After I got back from my run, Carol was also making lunch.  She made empanadas with the turkey from Thanksgiving :). That bird keeps on giving hahahaha.  The empanadas were delicious.  After lunch, with all the laundry back, Carol went shopping for some Xmas decoration stuff.

The girls were done with school, and so we chipped away at putting some laundry away, and I did the dishes.  The girls wanted to go on their electronics, but they had not been out of the trailer at all, so I said we needed to go for a bike ride first, and then they could use their iDevices. :). Bia got ready right away, but Bella was not happy.  Bella was crying!  She did not want to go, just wanted her way.  I went outside with Bia and we were taking the tube out of Carol’s bike to look for the hole, so Bia helped. 

Bella didn’t change her mind, but I didn’t back down, and eventually she changed and put shoes on and came out side.  The girls got their bikes, and I got mine (the flat tire I had was with Carol’s bike).  We left and turned right towards Pacifica, and the plan was to go past the pier all the way to the end of the trail. 

We had to go on the road for a bit, without a bike lane, but it was just like a minute, then we hit the area where the bike lane starts.  It was a nice bike ride.  Girls learned about bike lanes, and how it works, to watch for cars opening doors, or turning, or pedestrians.  They did great, and we ended up having a lot of fun. 

We hit the beach and rode on the path until the end, taking our time.  Bella went in front, I was in the middle and Bia was behind me.  The last stretch of path is packed dirt, but it’s not smooth, so Bia was complaining her wrists were hurting.  We may need to raise the handlebar for her, that should help a bit.  We stopped at the end of the path then, parked the bikes to take a break, and walked on the sand by the beach.  That was nice.  The sand here is darker, and because the tide is high it’s all wet. 

We walked around, followed this little yellow bird for a bit, looked for shells, took some pics and when everyone was rested enough, we got back to the bikes and rode back.  Riding back was even easier as the girls were pretty confident in riding where we were.  When we got back, the girls were thirsty, so we had some drinks outside by the picnic tables, with the awesome ocean view and the sun coming down. 

Then, a little after that we went inside and they got on their electronics while I did some work and started putting more things away.  I also got the girls to read for at least 45 minutes today, and shower, which they did before Carol got back.  Bella was out of books, so I ended up signing up for Kindle Unlimited, had a deal for $30 for six months, so hopefully that will last us a while.

Carol got back soon after that, and got dinner started.  We finished putting laundry away and finished making all the beds and got the place back in order.  She got a small Xmas tree while she was out, and brought it inside, next step for the next few days will be to decorate the tree and the trailer.  We didn’t do much more from there, just ate dinner, ate lots of fortune cookies, Bia had some pop corn for dessert hahahahaha… I was doing stuff online while the girls were on their electronics.  We got them to bed shortly after 8, and we went to bed before 10.

It was a nice day out and great get the girls biking.

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