Day 94 – 12/2 Golden Gate Park

Today was a slower day, but we still managed to make it to Golden Gate Park.

Our morning routine was actually good, and the girls were done with school before lunch, but somehow the little projects crept up and we were busy doing stuff until mid afternoon.  I helped the girls and worked on bills and paperwork in the morning.  I had a couple of calls as well and got a bike ride in.

My bike ride was nice, I had chosen a path that took me along the ocean front towards the west part of San Francisco and it was nice.  Tough ride, especially to start as it was all steep up hill for the first 20 minutes or so. 

Great views of the city and the ocean.  Many areas with sand dunes, and some spots the sand was washing into the street, or the erosion pretty much took some of the street.  I didn’t go as far as I had planned as the up hills took more time than I had planned.  I think I booked over 1400 ft of elevation gain, if you have Strava, connect with me there too.

When I got back from my ride we had lunch and I checked the girls work, they still had a few things to complete, and I still had some work to do.  Carol was a little frustrated, well actually maybe more than a little, that she wanted to go somewhere but no-one was ready.  Today was more of a case of one person waiting for the next who’s waiting for the next.  Since the girls had school work, I continued doing my work, then since we were working, Carol laid down to take a nap, and that cycle went on until almost 2pm.  It was not a pretty “cycle break” hahahaha… but we got going quick and were out a bit before 3. 

We decided it was a good idea to take the girls to some playground, and let them run around for a while.  So, we went to Golden Gate Park as we had seen a pretty nice playground there when we drove by over the weekend.

Our campground is well located, so any time we go to town it takes 15-20 minutes.  No problem at all so far to park, and today the Park was not packed, so it was easy to drive in and find a spot.  Actually, there were a lot of spots and plenty of space for everyone. 

Right where we parked they also had Lawn Bowling, which we were curious as to what that is, and from what we could tell, it was Bocce Ball.

We went right to the playground and the girls loved it right away.  It’s quite big, with lots of different activities, even two side by side concrete slides.  As soon as they saw the playground, the ran and played non stop until it was dark and time to go. 

Bella loved the slides and played there a a lot, just going up and down.  Bia went up, but didn’t have the courage to go down.  It’s actually a bit fast, and it has a pretty aggressive turn so kids loose control a bit, and you can see that by watching, so I think that intimated Bia. 

Carol relaxed with Maggie on the lawn while the kids were playing. Kids had fun and played until it was dark, which was around 5ish, then we left. 

On our way back we stopped to get Diesel, and I found a place that was “cheaper” than most, at $3.29 per gallon. hahahaha… still pricey but some places are in the $3.7s… Then we stopped at Safeway (grocery store) and Carol got some breads, cold cuts and we just had sandwiches for dinner.  It was actually good.  Girls ate a lot of bread :).  They love French bread and Baguettes.  

We all showered, and the girls then were reading their books.  Bella also opened a box she got from Bob and Judy. She was very excited!

Carol cleaned up and then put the girls to bed while I continued working.  I got some more work done and called it a night.

It was a slow start day, but the girls had a lot of fun at Golden Gate Park.

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