Day 51 – 10/20 Virtual School, Laundry and another Beach Day

Today was a nice relaxing day, girls got school done with no problems and we went to the beach in the afternoon.

Our morning routine was the usual, though this week the girls asked me to wake them up rather than using their alarms, and it’s been going well.  Bia I just call once, and she starts moving around and comes out of her bunk within 5 minutes.  Bella takes a bit longer, so I open her curtain like 5 minutes before I wake her up, then I try to wake her up gently, and then usually have to try 1-2 more times, then she’s up and out of her bunk.  

Bia has been doing great, just gets up, gets ready, logs in and does all the work pretty much on her own.  She found her groove with the timing, with the teacher and has been doing very well.

Bella is doing well as well, she has not found her timing for all subjects yet, but her preference now is to just do the ELA portion of the live meetings, and the rest on her own.  She’s doing awesome in math, gets her daily morning work done quick.  Science is left for me to do with her, and those pile up sometimes, but it’s going fine.  The one thing we are unsure if writing as the teacher has some notes on a sheet as to what the work is, but nothing else, no to do in google classroom, no material posted, nothing, meaning if you don’t join the class it’s hard to know what’s going on.  I will have to write to the teacher and see how we can follow.  Bella’s attitude though has changed dramatically from a few weeks ago, and she’s doing great, just getting things done, no complaining, awesome.

Bella did some art work today, and it turned out awesome.

I had a work call, did some work, caught up on writing posts and posting.  I was able to go for a run again at the beach, always great to run there, just peaceful and beautiful, plus it’s a little extra workout to run on sand.

Carol did some laundry, helped the girls when I was running and made lunch.

We had lunch outside, it was nice and warm in the sun.  We had a good time chatting and laughing at lunch, and eating good food Carol grilled.  After lunch, the girls went back to finish their school work so we could go to the beach.  I wanted to finish some work, so I worked on reviewing some documents and they were done before me.  Carol took the girls to the beach, and I joined them maybe 30 minutes later.

The day was warmer than the other days and the breeze was not strong or too cold, so the girls were playing in the sand, getting closer to the water, and eventually they just went in. 

Bella even changed to her swimsuit and they were jumping waves and getting wet. 

Carol and I went for a walk, but didn’t go too far as we didn’t want to leave the girls alone too long.  Maggie was along for the walk, and walked most of the entire time :). It was a very nice time.

After Carol and I got back to the spot we were in, the girls were still playing, jumping waves, and getting wet. 

Carol and I just sat on our chairs and relaxed.  It warmed up enough that I had my shirt off and was enjoying the sun. 

The girls came by us soon and decided to cover Bella in sand. hahahahah…. Classic.  Bia was covering Bella, and making it look like she was a mermaid, with decorations and all.

I talked to my dad for some time too, we caught up on stuff and some investments, talked to my mom quick and when my phone was about to die we hung up.  It was about time to go have dinner, girls were getting cold as the sun was setting, so we packed up and went back.  Now, they were full of sand, imagine Bella!  Carol took Bia to the campground showers, and I got Bella into our trailer, had to hose her down outside first, thankfully we have hot water outside.  When Bella was done, I checked the tub and it was full of sand! Hahahaha…. Carol and I worked on dinner while the girls finished getting ready, cleaned up the dinette, etc. 

We had a nice dinner, Carol even made quick microwave cakes.  We let the girls watch some TV, and all went to bed after that.  I had not slept well the night before, so I was beat.  

Great relaxing day at the beach!

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