Day 50 – 10/19 Coos Bay, beach day

We are in Coos Bay, Oregon.  We made it to the Pacific Ocean, and the girls are super excited!  So excited they jumped out of bed when I woke them up, and they were in their computers doing their classes in no time.

The girls really got going and were on a mission to finish school early and go to the beach. 

It was a great morning as their attitude towards work was great.  They were both done around lunch time.  Bella took a quick break, so I went to the beach with her for like 20 minutes, then she got back and finished her Science work.   Great day at the Romanini Virtual School 🙂

I got some posts written as I was behind a few days, got some work done, and went for a run at the beach.  So nice to be right by the water, so my run was awesome.  Great weather, nice breeze, and awesome views.  It was just not perfect as some people had their big dogs unleashed, so I had to stop running twice as the dogs came towards me, and got really close.  This beach is nice though, it has like a cove on each end.  On the end closer to us, you can get to it if the tide is low, otherwise there’s no way to access.  The other one you can get to as it has a rock wall next to it.  Next to us there’s also a big rock wall that forms like a cliff, and has lots of trees on top.  That rock formation extends into the water, and covers a light house behind it, which can be see as you move further towards the other side.  I could see it nicely when I was coming back in my run.  Hope I’ll be able to run a few more times this week.

Carol organized some stuff here and helped the girls while I was out, then made lunch when I returned and I helped the girls.

Early in the morning I also took care of our campground reservations, cancelled the one in Crescent City, CA and extended our stay here until 11/1, so we’ll have 2 full weeks here.

After we ate, the girls were done with school, so Carol went to town to get groceries and do some shopping and I took the girls to the beach, it was around 2pm.  

We had a great time at the beach, I brought a mat so we could sit on, and the girls had a beach ball, bucket and pail, and some bags for shells stuff.  It was quite windy, so a bit cold to just stand, but the sun was out and it was not too bad. 

The girls played near the water for a long time, building castles and barricades trying to not let the water get to their castles.  They were having a lot of fun.  I was watching, having a beer, and just enjoying the warmth from the sun.

When they started looking for sea shells, we talked about what we’ll do for Halloween, so I told them that we could do a “crab cemetery” since there are so many “crab parts” all over the beach, and that we could make a scary area with monster crabs and what not.  They loved the idea and started filling up their bags with crab paws, heads, bodies, etc. hahahahah.

It was pretty fun and funny to watch.  They have no fear, and were just grabbing stuff.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with when they work on this.

We went back to the trailer a couple of times to use the bathroom (yes, we are that close to the water), and one of the times Carol had come back and had just finished putting things away, so she joined us and brought Maggie with her.  Bia and I went back to the beach and took bikes, I took Bia’s and she took Bella’s.

That was super fun!  We biked on the beach for some time, Bella and I, then Bia and I… it was very fun.  It’s not easy as the sand kind of holds you down so it’s a bit harder to pedal, but so fun…

And by that time it was like almost 5, so the sun was setting and its was just beautiful.  We spent another hour or so walking around, hanging out, getting more shells and crab parts, enjoying the views.  Really nice afternoon.

As the sun set, the wind picked up a bit and we decided to go.  The girls showered while Carol made rice and I grilled some steaks outside.  We had a nice dinner together, and got things and everyone ready for bed.  Great first full day in Coos Bay.

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