Day 44 – 10/13 School work, and some shopping

We had a pretty “normal” day today.  We are still in Boise, still living in a trailer, kids are still doing virtual school, but as normal as it can get from there :).

Kids had a good day of school, got most of their work done earlier than usual and got caught on on art projects and such, so they are really caught up and maybe a tad ahead, which is good cause it’s moving day tomorrow.  Bia did her painting and it turned out super pretty.  They were both in their live classes most of the morning as well.

I had some work calls, got some work done, and put in a 4 mile run through the area.  We are in Meridian, which is like a neighborhood of Boise.  It’s nice here, bigger city feel for sure, but not too big.  Sure saw the traffic flow on my run, but it was not bad, but got me stuck trying to cross 2 busy intersections for what it felt like 5 minutes each.  Day was overcast, so I could not see much of the mountains around us.

Carol was helping the girls most of the morning since I was on calls and then went for a run.  She tried working on some video editing, but her Mac is out of room and she had to move files around to an external drive, and as is always with technology, something always comes up that prevents you from doing the work. For some reason she could read the files but not write to the drive, so I likely have to install some program on her Mac so it can write to NTFS (Windows file system).  Quick project for another day.  Carol got lunch done as well, so when I came back from my run they were eating (I left late, but it was what I could do).  

We finished lunch, cleaned up, and started wrapping up work and school work, so we could go to down, visit some stores, etc. I was finishing some consulting work, and Bia and Bella had final minor things to finish.  We were able to leave by 3pm. 

The plan was to go to a Pet store as Bella has been wanting to stop at one to see the animals for a while, then Carol wanted to go to some discount stores like Ross, and discount shoe stores.  I didn’t know we were looking for that many things hahahaha… 

We went to the closest Pet Smart here and the girls were super excited to see the Hamsters, they always are, especially when there is one running in the hamster wheel, like this time.  We were there for some time while they checked out the animals. 

We then moved to some stores next door, Carol wanted to check out some sofas as well.  I found a Hallmark store next door, so we went there to get some musical cards for Henrique’s birthday.  We found some pretty funny ones, and the girls found a nice one that a boy will surely like, so we ended up getting both.  Not sure he’s going to like the one the adults picked, but I know the parents will have a good laugh. Ahhahahha  

After a few more stops we decided it was time to go eat.  I found a brewery and restaurant near us called Ram, and that place was great.  Great beers, cold and smooth, properly poured with creamy heads.  Food was really good as well, Carol loved her huge salad.  I loved my home made Mac and Cheese with blackened chicken and smoked Jalapeños.  Bia loved her Mac and Cheese with steak, and it was medium rare and juicy the way she likes it.  🙂

From there they wanted to go to a few more shoe stores as Bella wanted “sliders” and Bia wanted or needed new tennis shoes.  We ended up a a Kohls where they found what they wanted.  The girls were super happy with their new shoes, Bella had hers on already.  She had been waiting to get those for a while now.  It was already past 8pm at this point, so we drove back and got ready for bed.  I stayed up a little more to finish the post for the day, posted it, checked some emails and called it a day.  We didn’t get to explore the area here in Boise, but we had a good time here.

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