Day 43 – 10/12 Boise, School work, laundry, shopping and chill

Today was more of a chill day, girls worked on school, Carol did laundry and we went shopping, then got groceries and relaxed back at the trailer.

Good morning Boise!  It’s 7am, and it’s already noisy! Hahahah…. I can’t believe it, but the garbage truck just came by.  I have been up for a while, but 7am sharp for the garbage? wow… I’m sure it woke up a few people here.  Right now, Bia is in her bunk watching her live class.  Bella is sleeping with her alarm going, it’s been going for a minute or so, and no signs of her even moving. hahaha.  I’m sure it’ll just stop ringing and I’ll have to wake her up soon.  Well, that’s what ended up happening, Bella slept right through her alarm but I woke her up so she could join her ELA class live.

The girls did a great job with school work today.  Both got going right away, and did all the work they had to do.  Bia had some longer ones that are not due yet, so she did a little of those and left some work for tomorrow as she said the class is doing those together.  Bella just got all her work done, and there’s only some art left.  Bella seems to have more work, and I still think she actually wastes time by being in her ELA class.  Often she doesn’t remember the story that was read, and we have to re-read it anyway, so we’ll try this a few more times and if it doesn’t change I think I’ll pull her from watching that piece live, otherwise it’s like an hour that she just wasted and didn’t get much done.  I had to help Bella with her ELA and Science, and she took care of the rest on her own.  Bia was done right before lunch, and Bella was done right after lunch.

Carol did laundry, and because Boise is still in some type of red alert due to covid, she had time reserved in the laundry room from 10 to noon.  It’s kind of nice to have time reserved, you have the entire room for yourself, and she used a few machines at the same time to get all our stuff done within the time allotted.  It was much faster and easier than the “normal” way. 

Carol also had lunch going, so when it was ready, we cleaned up the table inside and ate.  We had a fun lunch, and started planning what we’d do since the girls were done.  We decided we’d go to an RV furniture store, and maybe other stores to look for sofa options to replace the one that came with ours.  The one that came with looks like, but is not very comfortable and it is not a good spot to sit and work, which I need when the girls are working on school stuff in the Dinnette.  That sofa is not comfortable to sit, we end up sliding down towards the front, the cushion is not good, etc. 

Anyway, we left around 3pm and rushed out as the store closed at 5, so we wanted to have some time to look around.  We went to a store called RV Furniture Center, and based the name we were expecting it to be quite large with lots of options :). But, it was actually quite small and they had maybe 30 options all around, but most would not work for us based on size. 

There were really only two that would work, with some modifications to the spot.  One was a regular sleeper sofa, looked nice, bulkier, but more comfortable position to sit, and even the bed that it turned into was pretty decent.  Price tag on that puppy, over $1600 bucks!  What!!???  Crazy expensive.  Next other option that worked was a set of two recliners.  These were super comfortable and I really liked them.  They reclined all the way flat almost, so that would require some finagling to make it work, but it did not turn into a bed, and the kids were not happy as they’d not be able to lay down there sideways.  Carol wasn’t too much into it either.  Price on that. $300 each, so $600 total. 

We didn’t get any, and went to two more places, Camping World and Target, but they didn’t really have anything at all.  Camping World had a recliner swivel chair similar to the other one we saw, and Target had nothing.  I think our best bet is going to be to find something at an IKEA somewhere, closest one is in Portland, OR I think. 

We were done looking for the day, drove back towards the campground and stopped at a store to get some groceries for dinner. 

We got a few goodies… some local craft beer, cheese, steak, donuts, soda, nuts, and coffee. 

We drove back, and enjoyed another nice day outside. 

Girls biked around while we made dinner and Carol cleaned up inside, then we ate outside and hung out chit chatting, laughing, etc.  Then we cleaned up, girls showered and we all got ready for bed.

We got to drive around Boise a bit today, sky was clear, so we were reminded of how beautiful it is up here in the mountains, there are mountains all around Boise.  We’ll see if we get to check out some park tomorrow and see a bit more of the city as we leave on Wednesday.  Nice low key day. Cheers!

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