Day 45 – 10/14 Boise, ID to Bend, OR

Great travel day, beautiful views, nice new campground, and lots of laughs.

Today was a travel day, as is usual now on Wednesdays and Sundays.  We left Boise just before 11am, so keeping up with our trend of being able to have everything packed and ready to go within a 2 hour window, and always leaving by 11 (with a few exceptions).

The girls got to their school work right away in the morning, and got a good amount of it done by 10am, so they had very little left for later.  Bia started her Spanish class from the truck, that way she could stay on until it was done.  They did a great job with their morning school work today, and that helped us leave on time.

Our drive from Boise to Bend was nice, as always around here.  The day was clear, so it was easier to see further away.  The drive was through mountains, and as we moved away from Boise it changed a bit, and looked drier and drier.  Beautiful views.  

We made just a few stops, one of them at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, and we had lunch.  I got to walk around a bit, take a few pics, stretch and get the blood flowing :). It was a nice spot with great views and we had a nice lunch there.

Oh, did I mention that for the last few drives Bella has been chit chatting non stop about her future farm? Hahahaha… It’s pretty funny.  She recognizes it is a dream, that may come true, so she’s been planning…. She wants to get chicken first, then sell eggs to get money to then get a cow, and so on…. Seriously, it’s been like 4 trips now, the story grows, plans get more concrete… She even asked me to call the owner of some land near our house to see if he’d give us some of his land, and I was supposed to tell him about my daughter’s dream, and he maybe would do it.  Oh, and she’s roped in Vivo Ana and Vivo Heraldo, Bob and Judy, etc.  She’s done drawings of the chicken coup, drawings of the barn and everything.  This last trip she decided she was getting a white horse. Hahahah…  

As we got closer to Bend, the highway started getting bigger, and eventually we had 5 lines.  This was the first time on the trip that we hit anything with more than 2-3 lanes, so 5 lanes of traffic around was new.  But, no big deal.  As the truck handled all the 8-10% up and down hills on the road easily, 25-30mph winds, passing trucks, etc a little traffic was nothing.  I’m sure we’ll hit more of this as we move south from Coos Bay into California.

The Trucker GPS didn’t find our campground, and just ended navigation about a mile away, so I followed google maps from there.  It didn’t feel right as we were in a very residential neighborhood, but it was right and kind of tucked in we saw the sign for the place.  Crown Villa RV Resort is the name of the place we are and it is very nice.  Lots of big trees, the sites are big, asphalt and brick pads, all level, just very nice.  It is the most we paid for a campground so far, but it shows why, it is also the nicest of all so far.  They even provide garbage cans so you can put your bags in, and leave in front of the site, and within an hour or so, someone drives by and empties them.  Nice little metal table and chairs, storage for your stuff, so there isn’t a ton of stuff all over the floor, which makes all sites look neat and organized (again, with a few exceptions).  And did I mention the site is huge? hahahaha.. we can probably fit two of our RVs here.

We got setup quick and the girls were playing right away, grabbing leaves, cones and what not and making their magic potions with water and cups.  As soon as we unhooked the truck, Carol went to a store to get stuff for dinner.  We decided we’d just relax and go to bed early as we are now in Pacific Time, so we need to adjust slowly.

Girls came inside and finished their school work quite quickly before dinner.  We ate dinner, I setup the TV, and the site comes with cable, so we had like 75 channels that showed up.  Their wifi seems to be good as well, I had connected all devices and it seems to be working well, hoping it will hold when the girls are on live meetings.  We watched some TV and went to bed “early” in Pacific Time.  Good travel day.

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