Day 39 – 10/8 Idaho Falls, RAM maintenance, long school day

We are in Idaho Falls today.  It was warmer when we went to bed so I left the furnace at 64F, and it was quite cold in here this morning.  I have the furnace off now and am running the 2 space heaters and it’s nice and cozy now.  I have to take care of a few things online this morning, then take the truck to get the 30k mile maintenance done, and while I do that I’ll take a look at trailer tires.  I need to replace the front ones, especially the one on the left side as it’s not looking right, it’s wearing more on one side than the other, so that means I also need to check why it’s happening.  Those are crappy original tires from China, so it could just be the tires too.

The morning started good, girls were doing their work, I got a few things done and then left around 8:30 to take the truck.  Carol was up and working on editing a video. 

The RAM dealer was not too far, it was about 5 miles away, very close to downtown.  They looked at the truck, connected the OBD system to it and the guys told me all I needed was a front and rear differential flush as everything else looked good.  Oil and filters were over 65% yet, and he didn’t recommend changing.  I had them check tires as well since we get some vibration sometimes. 

I decided to walk around downtown and “wait” rather than get a ride or take a loaner vehicle since it would only take 2 hours or so.  The tire places were nearby, so I just walked to each on my way to the downtown area.  Trailer tires are not too expensive as they have some really cheap Chinese options in the market, and you can find some of those for less than $50.  That’s not what I’m looking for though, so I got quotes from both places for mid level tires, but will end up putting some better tires for about $80 each tire.  I only need to replace 2, so will likely take the rear axle ones and move to the front, and put the new tires in the rear axle.  That’ll be some time tomorrow as we’ll have to move the trailer there, and it takes about an hour to get it all done.  We’ll do it a the BigO tire place. 

From there I just walked around downtown, it’s a pretty spread out area and the only point I felt like it was a bit more concentrated was near the Falls. 

It’s cool, they kind of walled off the snake river, and put some rocks behind the wall, so the water overflows and makes these falls area.  Pretty area surrounded by a nice park, with walking or biking paths. 

I walked around for a bit, took some pictures, and went to a Walmart nearby too.  I needed to use the restroom and decided to check on Bella’s Halloween costume since I was so close.  They had the wings she wanted, but not the light up Tutu skirt, so I got what they had, and walked back to the car dealer.  I knew Bella would be surprised and happy. 

I walked back to the car dealer, and had walked almost 5 miles in total, in about 2 hours.  The truck was not ready yet, so I just sat in the waiting area and used my phone while I waited another hour.  Didn’t think it’d take that long, but they balanced the tires so it took longer than the 2 hours, and they also washed the truck on the outside. 

When I got back Carol was finishing lunch, Bia was in the playground and Bella was doing school work.  When I checked on their progress, Bia was doing good, but Bella had done maybe half of what she had to do, so she was not very ahead.  They took a break so we could have lunch outside, it was a nice day, it was nice and warm, like shorts and a T-shirt warm. 

After we ate I asked the girls to focus on finishing their work.  Bia got what she had to do for the day done.  Bella was just not focused, she was doing things that were not part of the work, she was again not wanting to read text, and the afternoon dragged on, some frustration built, and it was not fun again.  We had wanted to go to the Craters of the Moon park, but ended up giving up around 4 as Bella was still not done.  So, I told the girls they had to work on all the work in the list, even what was not due today, so they could be ahead for tomorrow. 

Bia complained a bit, but went right to it and started working on it.  She got her work all done within an hour. 

Bella took a little longer, she also had some art work pending, so she took her time and did that,  It actually turned out really awesome, she’s such an artist. 

Carol and I stayed outside while the girls finished their work inside.  Carol was still editing a video, and I was just relaxing, having a beer and checking Facebook, talking to friends, and I did a quick work call.  They were both done around 6, so we got some left overs for dinner, ate outside again, and talked about the plans for tomorrow.  Kids will get their work done as soon as possible.  Around 10 or so I’ll move them to the truck, and will start getting things setup so we can leave with the trailer to get the new tires.  The plan is to leave by 10:30, so we are back by lunch time.  The tire place is 10 minutes from here. 

We also want them to finish their work by noon, so we can have lunch and leave to explore.  Plan is to go to the Craters of the Moon park, then come back to town, check out downtown, eat somewhere there, and maybe look for whatever is left on their costumes.  That will leave Saturday open to do anything we want, even if further away.  So we’ll see what we come up with. 

From there as the sun set, we went inside.  Girls were on their electronics, Carol was still editing a video and I decided to shower and then wash the dishes.  When I was done, the girls showered and read their books.  Then went to bed.  I was feeling tired too, so went to bed early around 9:45-10.  We didn’t get much done today, I got to see downtown and walk around, and the girls should be ahead on their school work, at least a little, so hopefully it’ll pay off tomorrow.

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