Day 38 – 10/7 Butte, MT to Idaho Falls, ID

It’s moving day, as now it is every Wednesday and Sunday.  We go to Idaho Falls today, and I’m kind of excited to be there, not sure why. hahaha…. Maybe it’s just a new state and we are getting closer to the coast, plus we will be checking out a few things in the area too.

Our packing was as expected, and a bit quicker since we didn’t have water to disconnect, and really could not do a black tank flush.  Carol finished the inside, I finished the outside, girls finished what they could from school. Bia even finished her Spanish class call in the truck, while we wrapped up.


Before we left the girls wanted to go to the playground and take down two piles of sand they had built, as their good bye.  They said this was the best playground so far as they love to play with sand, and it was so close to our camper.  They took down their piles and we left, it was right at 11.

The drive to Idaho Falls was good, easy, just a little over 3 hours.  We basically just came south from Butte and the further south we got, the more smoke was covering our view.  It is all mountains around, sometimes a lake or reservoir or what not, but sky was hazy as we got closer.  There was even a sign as we got really close that said to expect low visibility due to dust.  Not sure why there’s so much dust around here, but it sure is very dry and you can see dust settling in the air. 

Our campground is right off the highway, and next to the Snake River, so I was hoping we would be able to see the river.  As we pulled in, it looked nice, but we could not see the river, at least from where we are.  We’ll have to explore later.  We have a pull through full hookup site, so it was easy to get in and we got it exactly where we wanted on the first drive in, no need to back up.  Site is level too, so we didn’t have to level at all. 

Setup went quick, and Carol even got the big camping mat out for the first time.  It is a nice setup outside now with their camping table, our mat and zero G chairs, our table.  I got the bikes down, and the girls were playing right away. 

The playground is right in front of our site again, so they loved it.  Bia went first and came back to get her mask as another kid showed up, she’s very conscious about wearing her mask when people are around, which is great.  Carol and I finished setting up and set outside.  She was talking to her family and I was doing some work on my computer.  That was nice, weather was perfect (maybe a bit too dry and dusty), little breeze, shade, comfy chairs. 

I reminded the girls they had to finish school work, so Bia came and got hers finished quick.  Carol made dinner.  Bella did her math and took another break, leaving science for later. 

We had dinner, got showered and ready for bed while watching the VP debate, Bella finished her school work, girls read their books, and we all went to bed around 9:30pm. 

It was a good day, things got done, everyone was happy.

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