Day 40 – 10/9 Idaho Falls Downtown, new trailer tires

We had another low key day, but it was a nice day.  We were hoping the girls would be done with their school work early to try to go to the Craters of the Moon park, but with me wanting to take the trailer to get new tires, that put a good 3 hours or so break on their work, and they were not able to finish early, so we changed the plans.

The morning started as usual, though Bella gave signs she was going to give us problems.  I was firm with her right away, and told her what I saw happening, and how things had to go, she cried a bit.  I told her to change, and we’d start over, so she did, then we said good morning again, and she did a great job from there. 

Bia’s schedule was a bit messy, with some classes and a test that the students at school took a different day, so she got confused with times and was late for this test.  She did what she could for about 50 minutes, but the teacher stopped the test on their end, and she could not finish,  We wrote a note explaining she got the timezones wrong, and only started the test an hour late, but they said not to worry, and she’d just do the other part next week.  Oh, and thankfully the campground Wifi was working pretty good, so everyone was on their wifi, girls had their meetings all at the same time and it held up pretty good. 

With the girls work on track, I started getting the trailer unhooked, and Carol got the inside put away quick, so we could leave by 10:30, which was my goal.  I didn’t even put things away, just unhooked and left them on the grass, neatly “piled” on both sides, so when we got back, it was all there and ready to go too.  I didn’t put the weight distribution bars either as the tire place is like 3 miles from here.  We got setup quick, and were out almost exactly at 10:30. 

It was easy to get there, and we had no problems at all with the trailer.  We got there and I went in, talked to the guy about what tires I wanted, asked them to rotate the rear ones to the front, and leave the new ones in the rear, since the rear axle is heavier and I think it’d be better to have the newer better tires there.  They told me it’d be about 2 hours to get it all done, so we decided to just leave the truck and trailer there and walk downtown, like I had done the day before.  We had to move the truck and trailer into a little alley behind the tire place, it’s a bit tight, but we made it through and I just locked everything and we left. 

It’s a nice and easy walk, and we were about a mile away from the Falls downtown. 

We walked around the park, girls were enjoying the sculptures that were seats and looked like animals.  Carol was enjoying the park as well, its really nice, lots of trees and flowers.  Maggie even was enjoying it hahahaha. Carol had Maggie walking on a leash.  There were dry leaves on the grass, so the girls picked some up and threw up in the air, like we do at home once a year when I make the leaf piles for them to play, and run into.  It was fun to see them play, I took some pics, and it was like a little piece of our annual tradition right there. 

At that point, the plan was to go to the other side of the river and find a place to eat.  I knew there was a brewery there that also had Sushi, so that’d be a hit with everyone.  We made our way there, enjoying the walk and the views, no rush.  

We went to Snow Eagle Brewing, they had 2 tables outside, so it worked for us as we had Maggie.  We opened the umbrella, the girls got coloring sheets and some crayons, we got some drinks, ordered our food, and just relaxes and enjoyed.  The sun was out and hitting us, but it was not too hot, it was really nice.  We had a really good time at lunch.  Bia had 3 rolls, she was hungry!  I had a burger with fresh cut Idaho fries :). All were good.  Bella had some Sushi and Carol had a Teriyaki fish.  Everyone enjoyed their meal, and drinks  

I wanted to get the girls to burn some energy, so I had them run towards a train that was parked by the corner from where we were, and is used as a food truck, well a food train.  They ran back and forth a few times.  It was funny to watch them run.  Bella was running faster, and her run form looked pretty good, she had running shoes on.  Bia was running harder, like it was harder for her to run, or she had her parking breaks on while running hahahahah… she had hiking shoes, so that didn’t help.  One of Bia’s run was too funny as a car went into the parking lot as she was going towards the train and messed up her run, then the same care left the parking lot as she was returning, messing up her time even further.  She made some really funny faces as the car messed up her run.  I got the call from the tire place, and we closed up and left. 

Bella and Carol left first as Bia had just ordered her third sushi roll, and they went across the street to the park.  Carol wanted to lay down on the grass, and maybe take a nap. Hahahahaha…. They looked comfy, but it didn’t take Bia and I that long to close the bill and meet them. 

We had a good time walking back to the tire place, chit chatting, laughing.  I settled up the bill and it was a bit less than I expected, less than $200 for two tires and the rotation.  Feels good to have new tires and not worry about the original tires, they were not looking right.  I’ll keep an eye on the tires now and hope they perform good. 

We got back, and I pulled in almost exactly where we were before, and got setup quickly.  Girls got their computers and continued their school work. This was around 3pm already, so we decided we’d just stay in again today, and maybe try the slot car place next door.  I went to the gas station, filled up the truck and got some beers. 

Girls were doing work, and here and there taking breaks, and Carol took a nap as she had a headache.  I sat outside, checking emails and messaging people.  Bia came do her work next to me.  Bella stayed inside.  Bia finally got done around 5pm, but that’s ok.  Her attitude was right, and she was learning it, so it’s all good, plus we didn’t have any plans. 

Bob and Judy called and we talked to them for some time, it was nice catching up.  Carol made dinner, pan fried battered fish and rice with lentils… Delicious!  We got everything ready and ate inside.  I was enjoying our family night, just relaxing and doing whatever.  I told the girls to shower if they wanted to check the slot car place, so they did, and after I showered I took Bia along to check out the place.  The place is like a minute walk from our site. 

Bella stayed and helped Carol clean up from dinner.  Carol was washing and Bella was drying.  Bia and I went, and the place was closed.  They should be open until 8pm, and it was 7:45, but they were closed.  We are not sure if they are closed period, or just then.  We may check again tomorrow during the day as they are very interested in seeing it.  When we got back, Bia started helping put dishes away, so we all helped finish the clean up, so they could watch some TV. 

When I went outside to close everything before going to bed, the dust particles falling from the air were making the light from my flash light look like it was drizzling, or it looked like the movies when people are in Mars or something… this time I got some video and pictures, it’s crazy the amount of dust in the air. 

Well, that was our day.  Good day.  Carol and Bia switched bed spots, so let’s see how Carol likes Bia’s bed, I did 🙂

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