Day 250 – 5/8/21 Winter Garden, FL

We had an awesome day with our friends today, and enjoyed the nice weather in Winter Garden, Florida. 

I woke up just after 8, had a decent night of sleep, but not great or long, so I was still feeling a bit tired.  I also needed a toothbrush as I forgot mine, so last night I brushed with my fingers hahahah… glad Ricardo had some extra ones….  They had Charlie deliver and he ended up brushing his teeth with me, so cute. 

I had slept in Vi’s bed with Carol and Bella, and had gone to bed around 1am.  I was watching a movie with Ricardo and Isac last night and it ended up late.  After I woke up, I went out to their porch area and did some writing and caught up on writing.  The day is a bit cooler, and not humid, so it was nice to be out there.  When I was done writing I got ready to go for a run, put on some sunscreen and left.  I had a nice run around the area, ran around a nice neighborhood pretty close to their house.  It is a vey nice neighborhood with very nice homes, and it’s crazy that there were only two empty lots, and ZERO homes for sale there.  Wow.  The run was great, it was just warm enough, nice breeze here and there, felt great.  Right as I got back, my friend Piva called, so we chatted a bit and caught up.  His son Vini is a big fan of Flavia, so he was super excited to say hi.  After talking to Piva, I took a shower and then got things started with the grill outside.  We had some meats for today, so I got the grill going, cleaned it up and started up some of the food.  I still had to cut the picanha into slices as we had two whole pieces, but I got that done while the grill warmed up, and took it outside all salted already, so it was ready to go.  Pretty soon we were all outside enjoying the day.

We were in the pool early, the kids were having a lot of fun, had popsicles all day, even had “kids champagne” that Flavia setup for them to cheers to their friendship.  I got tons of awesome pictures of the kids.

There was another dive bomb competition, with Ricardo leading the way… got a great picture of him posing sideways as he jumped in the pool.  We were all having a great time.

At the end of the day, Carol made Sfihas, and most of us ate like crazy, they were delicious. hahahah.  After Sfihas, the Karaoke machine came out and more fun continued with Flavia dominating the mic hahahahah.  Carol had made some Gin and Jams all afternoon, and the ladies were having a blast for sure.  That is kind of like our day went as the afternoon and night unfolded.  Lots of laughs, lots of fun, kids playing, adults having a good time, it was a great time.  After Karaoke, the ladies and kids went to bed, and Ricardo, Isac and I watched a movie.  Then we went to bed.

We had a super fun day with our friends today, spending most of the day by the pool.

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