Day 249 – 5/7/21 Cocoa Beach, FL

We had a nice day in Cocoa Beach with our friends.

Bella had a nightmare and screamed for me around 2:30am.  I jumped out of bed immediately and she was crying.  She said she woke up and thought she saw something and got scared.  She later told me she saw a robot and its eyes were looking at her. Hahaha… I took her to our bed so she could sleep there, but it is pretty tight there with three, so eventually I went to her bed and slept there from there.  It was good sleep there, temperature was just fine, mattress was fine too.

I had a busy morning.  I did some writing but did not finish, then went for a run.  I ran around the campground as usual, and had a good run.  It was not as humid or hot as the other days, so it was easier to run.  When I got back, it took like 2 minutes to stop sweating and for me to be dry.  Carol woke the girls up as it was just past 8:30, and they were still not up.  Staying up late to get their Lego sets finished definitely got them to sleep a little longer.  The girls got going with school after Carol helped them with breakfast, and while I shaved.  Then I went outside to setup the screen on the awning as Carol was going to give me a haircut.  The weather was nice, just warm and not too hot, it was not humid, and there was a nice breeze.  As Carol was cutting my hair, the breeze did not help her as she had hair fly to her face a few times.  After my haircut I showered, then put my laptop desk outside and did my calls until a little past noon. 

Bella finished school late morning, but I didn’t check, so there’s a chance she didn’t do it all.  Bia had to finish some projects and had class even after we left the campground, which was around 1:30.  Carol had to get everything packed while I was working.  We are spending the weekend at Calinas, so she had to pack for the beach today, and for the weekend.  She also had to make lunch for us, food for Maggie for the next few days, she had to get some groceries, etc all in about 2 hours.  She was a little stressed.  One of the things we wanted to try to do was take surf lessons in Cocoa Beach today, but by time we got there and situated, it was a bit too late.  When I was done with my calls, I ate lunch and got things going as well.  We finished packing, put everything in the truck, got Bia her stuff to continue her class on the road, and left for the weekend.  We stopped at Calinas first, to drop Maggie off and some bags.  Then, we headed to Coca Beach.  The plan was to just hang out at the beach, enjoy an afternoon there, and then meet some other friends for dinner.  The friends from dinner ended up bailing on us as they got busy with other stuff, but I think it was pay back from a month or so ago when we canceled a meeting with them as we had some stuff that came up as well.  Oh well.

We got to Lori Wilson Park around 3:10, and were just 10 minutes behind Calinas, so they were already there and settled.  We chose Lori Wilson Park because it has easy parking, bathrooms, and the beach access and beach front are nice, so it’s very convenient for us.  After we parked, I unloaded the truck while Carol took the girls to the restroom, and we went to the beach to meet our friends.  As soon as the girls saw them, they ran towards them to hug Vi, they were all so happy to be together.  I love how they just love being together.  Even Charlie calls out for Bia.  I was pulling the cart through the sand, which is pretty hard once you hit the soft sand, and Carol helped push it a bit as well.  And after we settled, said “Hi”s, put some sunscreen on, etc… we got some beers and just enjoyed. 

The weather was perfect, it was warm but not hot, there was some wind making it very comfortable and the sky was clear and blue.  We had a great time, the kids loved the water, it was warm and the beach bottom was sandy this time, not just full of broken shells, so it was very pleasant.  The kids played the entire time, played with the boards sometimes, just swam around, jumped waves, caught waves and had a great time. Soon after we arrived Flavia was still working and trying to download some video, but her cell reception was not great, so I offered mine via hotspot, since my T-Mobile connection was really good, plus we got moved to an unlimited plan.  She first declined, but about 30 minutes later, she accepted as nothing else was working, and as soon as she connected, boom… it all started working for her. Hahahahah in a rate moment, T-Mobile saved the day. hahahaha.   Everyone went in the water at least for a bit, I ended up not going in today, didn’t feel like it, but I did go by the shallow area with the kids and the water was indeed awesome.

Later in the afternoon, some guy started trying to put a tent up next to us.  He had those foldable and expandable tents and was struggling to set it up.  The tent was flying on him, and there were two pieces broken.  He remained calm, but it was obvious he was not going to get it done, so I offered to help. hahaha… The first thing I did was take the actual cover off, so the wind would stop pushing it, and we worked on getting the frame up and positioned the way he wanted first.  Then when it was all set, we put the cover.  He was doing things a little backwards from what I would have, but he took my recommendations and we got it done. The other thing he was trying to do was angle the opening of the tent to “catch wind”, which was going to make his tent fly and probably break it more.  I had him angle it the other way, so the wind would push the tent down.  We got it done, and he then told me he was going to fly some big kites.  Sure enough, later as he finished setting up his little spot, he showed up with a kite that was like almost 5 feet tall.  It was pretty cool to watch him setup the kite, the tail, the line, he had gloves on because the line was so thick.  Then he lined it all up, and just tugged on the line and there it went.  It was pretty cool.  He flew it up, and brought it down to cut pieces of the tail off a few times until he had it the way he wanted.  The thing was huge.  I talked to him a few times, and tried to hold the line a bit, quite a pull.  He said he sells those for $500, and some bigger ones for $1,000.  Wow!

We continued enjoying the beach, weather, conversations, etc.  As the sun was setting and everyone leaving the water, we decided to go eat closeby together. The kids were still playing as we packed things to leave.

I recommended we try the place the other folks were going to meet us at (those who canceled), so we went there.  It’s a cool place, but it was packed, so we ended up eating at a pizza place next door.  We had a good dinner, and a fun time there too.  It’s so awesome to see the kids interacting, they just love being together. 

After dinner, we just drove back to Calinas.  Carol drove on the way back.  From there, we had everyone shower.  Kids were playing upstairs.  Moms were taking care of business.  Dads were starting a movie downstairs.  Kids and moms went to bed around midnight, and the dads around 1, after the movie was done.

We had a great day at the beach in Cocoa Beach with our friends.

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