Day 243 – 5/1/21 Bia’s Birthday

Today was Bia’s birthday!  We had a full day of happy celebration.

Bia was one of the last ones to wake up today, so we had some time to finish decorating for her birthday surprise.  Carol had done a lot of the decoration last night, and Flavia added more touches to it this morning.  The theme of the day was Scooby Doo, and we had balloons, table decorations, wall signs and gifts all decorated with little Scooby Doo characters’ paper figurines.  When Bia was up and ready to come down everyone was down and ready for her.  She came down the stairs and we yelled Happy Birthday and started singing.  She looked so happy and radiant, and that’s how she looked all day long. 

We had some brownies, we had made pancakes, there was fruit, and all kinds of stuff.  Bia set in front of the stack of pancakes, Carol put a candle on it, and we sang happy birthday again before starting to eat breakfast. 

Everyone was happy and having a great time.  After we finished eating, Bia could open the first few gifts of the day.  She was so happy with her gifts, and especially thrilled when she opened the one with her new phone.  She had been without a phone for almost two months, and since she does not have an iPad along either, she had no device to play with.  She was soooo happy!  She got a new phone and case, got a DVD with 50 hours of Scooby Doo shows, and a T-Shirt with the Scooby Crew. 

After breakfast we cleaned up, the kids were playing and Bia was setting up her new phone.  I helped her get it started and far enough so she could do the rest on her own.  I then went for a run around the area here.  I had a nice 5 mile run, just ran around the area trying not to have to cross any major traffic lights.  When I got back, I showered and started getting things ready to start our pool day and grilling.  Before I headed outside, we took a family picture by the birthday signs, and then everyone started changing into pool gear.  Carol put sunscreen on all the kids, and they went in the pool as soon as they could.  

I got the grill started, but it was not firing up right and when I checked better, the holes where the gas comes out were kind of covered up, so I had to scrape and open them up. Once I did that, it fired up nicely and I got the fire going, cleaned the grill, and got some meats started. 

We all were by the pool pretty much all day.  Kids were playing, adults were talking and having drinks, it was a great time.  We spent a few hours where everyone was in the water having a good time. 

Flavia had left late morning to get some stuff, and then at the tail end of the afternoon, she pulled up a spa day for the kids.  She had buckets, scrubs, bubbles, face masks and all kinds of things for their spa day.  Bia was so happy with the entire day, and it kept getting better.  Oh, and in the middle of the afternoon, Flavia gave another gift to Bia, it was the Mistery Machine and some characters in a Playmobil set.  Bia loved it.  She stopped playing in the pool for a good hour while she put it together and played with it for some time.  She loved it. 

After spa time, we hung out by the pool a bit more then moved on to shows. When everyone was ready, we brought Bia’s cake, which was a huge Pudim de Leite (flan).  She was super happy.  We sang happy birthday one more time, and she gave the first piece of her cake to Flavia.

Bia was radiant all day.  She loved everything about her day, from the decorations to the gifts and being with all these people she loves.  After the cake, the kids were watching a movie and the adults were talking in the dining room.  As it got late, we put kids to bed and called it a day.

We all had an awesome day for Bia’s Birthday, she was so happy with her day.  Thank you Flavia and all the Calina’s for making this day so special. Happy Birthday Bia, we love you.

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