Day 242 – 4/30/21 Pool and relax day

We had a nice day today hanging out with our friends.

I woke up a bit later than usual, even though my alarm went off at 6, I stayed sleeping a little more.  I did not have a good night of sleep, I think the Mexican food from late last night did not go well.  Also, the room was a bit warmer than I like and the mattresses a bit hard and my back was hurting quite a bit from the mattress.

I had calls this morning, so after having some coffee and getting the girls all ready for school, I got a spot setup outside to work from.  I went by the porch outside, right in front of the pool, with a great view of the lake.  I put a fan on on the other side of the area, so there was some air circulation, so I had that noise in the background, and also the pool jets, but those were not interfering with the calls.  I was on the phone for over 2 hours, and then did some more work right from there and got caught up on what I had to do.

I setup Bia to work from Vi’s room, so she got going at 9 and had a shorter day and was all done around 11 I think.  Her teacher told her she didn’t need to do anything to catch up from the day before, so she was all done and started playing.

Bella wanted to work from Ricardo and Flavia’s office, so I got her setup there.  We printed some paperwork she needed, and she was off too.  She got her online stuff done pretty quick, and then was waiting for Carol to come back from the trailer with her books so she could finish her work for the day.  After Carol was back, she got going and finished all her work early afternoon.  

I was a bit concerned the girls would not do good with school being here with all the potential distractions, but they did awesome.  Vi had some work to do as well, but she did not do well and didn’t get her work done.  While I was on my calls, Carol went to the trailer to get more clothes for us for the weekend, and also some books for the girls to finish school.

We had lunch at the house, and ate some food they get from a chef.  The food was delicious, we had rice, beans, beef and chicken.  It was all great. 

After lunch, I took care of the dishes, and after that I had to go to the trailer to get Bia’s birthday gift that I forgot to tell Carol to get.  I went to the trailer, got the phone that is Bia’s gift, making sure it was already all ready to go, as in reset to factory settings, which it was.  I put the extra SIM card I have in it, so we can easily set it up tomorrow, then left.  Before I got back, I stopped to get some drinks for the weekend.  I got lots of beer, hard seltzers and some Micheladas for Ricardo.

Bia played by herself a good portion of the early afternoon.  She was done with school, Bella was still working on it, and Vi was quite behind.  Bia was just playing with the cardboard boxes in the kids play room, enjoying her time alone and doing her thing. 

Later in the afternoon, Calina’s took the kids to the doctor for their annual visits, and we hit the pool while they were out.  We enjoyed some pool time the rest of the day. 

Later on, we had dinner and the kids watched some movies.  We put them to bed a bit earlier so we could setup the area for Bia’s birthday tomorrow.  I went up to get the kids to bed, and I was so tired I was having a hard time staying awake.  Carol was in the office blowing up balloons, getting decorations ready and once the kids were out, she started putting things out.  I got the kids to bed and went to bed, I was so tired I really could not stay awake.

We had a nice day with school, work, and pool time with our friends.

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