Day 244 – 5/2/21 Hangout with friends

We had a nice pool day today hanging out with our friends.

I had a little better night of sleep, and as I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, my back was hurting so I just went to the couch from there and slept decent.  It is tight there but it was much better for my back.  Most everyone woke up at around the same time today, so as I woke up Carol was already up, some of the kids, Flavia, etc.  Bella slept the longest.  Since Janete was arriving today, the adults got going in getting things ready.  Flavia was picking up the house in general, while Carol cleaned up the bedroom we were using.  Carol washed all the bedding, vacuumed, and also collected all of our stuff so it’d be easy for us to leave later in the day.  Our original plan for today was to go back to the trailer, so Calina’s could get Janete and enjoy on their own.  Flavia and Carol chatted as they were having coffee and decided we should stay for the day here.  Carol’s cousin Larissa was coming to visit, and she was bringing her dog, but Flavia was ok with that and Larissa just came visit us here.  Janete was arriving at the house around 2:30, and Larissa at 1:30 or so, so we all had plenty of time to get everything ready.  Ricardo and I got the list of all the things we had to buy and left to get their van washed and cleaned up inside, then went to get some groceries and things to grill.  While we were all having coffee together and making plans for the day, the kids were all playing.  Bella had her phone out here and there, and so did Bia.  They are happy with their phones, but we made sure they were not on them much so they could enjoy playing with their friends. Carol started on the wash, Flavia started running around and Ricardo and I left.  Just as we were leaving, the girls wanted to build a house with all the cardboard boxes that were in the garage, so we cleared up the area a bit.  Ricardo put his motorcycle outside, we left a garage door open, a fan on, and they were on to building.  I love watching them play with boxes, they get so creative with making door handles, locks, windows, etc it’s pretty cool.

We left and went towards Rokka, which is a Brazilian market.  It is a small place, but they have a lot of brazilian stuff there, from groceries, French bread, coxinhas, to meats and beer.  We stopped at a car wash that is right by Rokka first.  Ricardo got the exterior wash, then we stopped by the vacuums and cleaned up the van inside.  The van was full of sand from when they visited us by the beach last week.  We then went to Rokka, which was a minute away.  The place is nice, it’s small, but they have a good amount of brazilian items there.  Everyone was speaking Portuguese in there, and they also have a little restaurant connected to it.  We got picanha, French bread, some sausages, and brazilian beer.  The total was actually not too bad considering how much meat we had in the cart, but it is a bit on the high end.  Then we went to Publix to get the rest of some groceries Ricardo needed for the house.  By time we got back home, the kids had finished their cardboard house, Carol had finished cleaning upstairs and was by the pool with all the kids, and Flavia was still running around.  Carol and Flavia had also put up some pictures that needed to be hung on the walls.  We unloaded, put things away, and I started getting the grill ready.  The kids were already in the pool, so I put some sunscreen on and started my grilling duties for the day.  I got some meat going right away, so the kids could eat, and so we were ready with food by time Ricardo came back with Janete and Isac. 

Larissa arrived and  brought some meat as well, so I started with the Picanha she brought, and some sausage we  bought today.  Flavia had the kids draw some posters and signs to welcome Janete and Isac, and they did a nice job putting signs all over the house.  The kids had a busy happy day playing in the pool. 

When Janete and Isac arrived, Flavia and Carol and Larissa took the kids outside and they started making noise and running after the van, all happy with the arrival, then I could hear Janete screaming too hahahahaha… it was fun.  And from there, we all hung out outside, ate a lot of grilled meats, some awesome garlic cheese bread and then had ice cream birthday cake.  We sang happy birthday to Bia one more time, she was super happy and gave Flavia the first piece of cake again.  Larissa brought her dog with her and little by little let him down to get used to Maggie.  At first, he just wanted to hump Maggie hahahaha… but eventually they got used to each other and were just walking around scavaging for dropped food.

We all enjoyed the outside the rest of the day, talked and relaxed, had some beers, pool, etc.  We called it a night around 6:30 got everyone to shower and got ready to go.  We left just before 8pm.  We had not stayed at the trailer since arriving here on Wednesday, and we were all missing our little home on wheels.  Tomorrow is a school day, so we got back and got ready for bed.

We had a long fun day at the pool with our friends today.

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