Day 221 – 4/8/21 Podcast and Hangout

It was a nice day of school, visiting friends and I participated in Ricardo’s Podcast, Papo Solto.

I had a good night of sleep and feel rested.  My right eye feels much better as well.  Carol was up with me, and got ready quick to leave to get her vaccine.  She left around 6:20, and even though I thought she would hit traffic and lots of people at the site, she got there pretty quick and went through the process faster than I did.  She got her vaccine too.  Woohoo!

I did my writing for the day and then got some work done.  I had a work call and went for a run around the campground again.  I like running here, it’s a pretty place and it’s a nice and easy run, and I even ran into a turtle crossing a road today.

The girls did their school without problems and got all their work done.  Bella woke up with a cough, a dry cough.  It didn’t sound great, but it went away as the day went by.  The Calina kids have something going on too, so some of them got it from the other likely.  Charlie had a runny nose, but noone was too sick. Normal kids stuff, no worries.

Carol went to Publix to get some stuff, and brought a chicken for lunch.  She also got a new thermometer and took Bella’s temp, no fever.

We got things done here, we got ready to leave, and left around 3pm when Bia finished her school.

We went to Calina’s for the night.  The girls started playing as soon as we got there and played the whole time.  Ricardo and I went to the podcast around 4:30.  It was fun to be in the podcast with him and Carlinhos.  We had a nice chat, having good beer, talking about stuff I do, can’t beat that.

Then we stopped at the pizza place on the way back to get the order Carol had placed, and then went to his house.  We ate, hung out a bit, and left a bit later than usual.  Then it was bedtime for everyone.

It was another chill day, hanging with friends.

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