Day 222 – 4/9/21 School, Catch up, Hangout – Noah was born!

We had a good day wrapping up school, cleaning up and hanging out with our friends. My Nephew Noah was born.

I had an ok night of sleep, I ate too much last night and woke up around 4 and had a hard time falling asleep again, so when my alarm went off I just kept sleeping and then got up around 7:30.  That made it bit harder to get my things caught up later but I did them anyway, as there was not a ton to write about yesterday.

My sister Carol went to the hospital to have Noah… woohoo.  He was born later in the morning.  He is so cute, a big baby, blonde hair, cheeky and full of folds.  I am so happy for my sister, this has been a dream for her for a long time, and he’s here, she has her baby.  Parabens Carol!  And Welcome to our family Noah, we love you.

I got the girls started with school and then went for a run.  I ran around here again, and the weather was perfect.  I didn’t see any turtles crossing the road this time hahahah.  While I was running Carol helped the girls with school as needed, and was organizing things for us to take to Calinas as we are staying there for the weekend, well at least Friday and Saturday as Sunday we move to the Keys.  Carol wanted to do laundry there so all our laundry was being separated, beds taken down, towels, etc. 

After I got back from my run I cleaned up the truck to take it for a wash.  There is a place nearby that does full wash, so I took it there to get washed inside and out.  The price was pretty good at $30 for hand washing and cleaning, the only problem is that they said it’d take an hour, but it actually took more like three hours.  I went through the automated wash first and then lined up the truck for the manual part of the job.  As I pulled in, one of the guys came by and asked if I had just gone through the automated wash because the front of the truck was full of bugs.  Well, I had and he was mad at the folks that prepare the vehicles there for not washing the front completely, and he said they’d take the truck for one more wash to get it all out.  The first time I drove through I had the bed cover off, so the bed of the truck got a wash.  Then I covered it, so the second time they went though washed the cover.  Yay.  Carol was not happy it was taking so long because she wanted to leave earlier.  I ended up having lunch at Taco Bell since there was one next door.  I had not had Taco Bell in a long time and was pleasantly surprised they don’t take orders by the counter anymore, you actually have to put your order in at a kiosk, and the best part is that you can customize every single item, that rocked!  I was able to add Jalapeños or other hot sauces and remove onions from everything I ordered.  Cool.  I ended up waiting for a long time until they eventually took the truck for the second wash and started cleaning it.  It definitely got clean, and had it not been for the extra long wait time, I’d say I’d give the whole thing a ten.  The cleaning job was awesome, the truck is cleaner than when I bought it now.  I got out of there after 2:30 and the girls were done with school, Carol said she had everything packed and ready to go, so I just had to load the truck.

Well, when I arrived back at the trailer, all the stuff that was on the bed of the truck before was still out for me to put away, and then I had to load the bikes, and all the bags, so it took another 45 mins to an hour to finish everything.  We left all the boxes we usually have in the truck under the trailer, and only brought with us the bikes, the bodyboards and the paddle board, the rest was all bags with laundry.  Then we wrapped things up and left to Calina’s and got there around 4.

After we got there, the kids started playing right away, and soon went to the pool.  Carol and Flavia were by the water, I had some stuff to do on my computer so I was out there by the seats and all the kids were in the pool.  As the kids left the water, we all moved inside, showered and the kids continued playing.  We just hung out, had sushi for dinner, then the kids watched a movie upstairs and adults watched one downstairs.  We watched TV until a bit past midnight and then called it a night.

It was a nice Friday getting things done and then hanging out with our friends.

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