Day 220 – 4/7/21 Alex’s birthday, Vaccine, Chill, hang out with Calinas.

Today is Alex’s birthday, we miss him so much!  Happy Birthday son, we love you.

Bella woke up in the middle of the night, around 4:45am, then I could not sleep, so I got up around 5:15.  She got up too saying she was hungry, she ate 2 bowls of cereal and went back to bed.  I made my coffee, put it to go and left to try to get the COVID vaccine.  There is a place here that is doing walk ins and now they do the Jonhsons one dose one.  I got there by 6:45, and left two hours later, vaccinated!  Woohoo….

Carol will try tomorrow.  The process was pretty smooth, lots of lines moving people from spot to spot, then document checks, some disclaimers and verbal acceptance of terms, then the shot which was quick and painless, and then 15 minutes of waiting at the last tent and I was done.  I’m happy to be vaccinated and not have to worry too much soon.  My concern during the trip was that if any of us got it and needed care that we’d be in a place that had room so we were safe, then it’d likely end the trip as well.  I drove back and got home around 9 something.  My right eye had been itching since I left Calina’s house yesterday, and it got worse this morning.  I think I itched it too hard and it got irritated, and my eye ball was hurting.  By noon, it was hurting so bad, I had to wash my eyes with this solution, then put a cold cloth over it and lay down.  Eventually, I took some pain medication and after lunch took a nap, and it helped.  The irritation continued through the rest of the day, but the pain went away.  My eye was a bit red too.  I’m glad I didn’t have any work commitments, as I was not able to do much in the morning, aside from getting the vaccine and writing about yesterday.  The rest of the time was dealing with my eye. Yikes.

Carol got the girls up and going with school, and helped them while I was out.  After I got back, Carol went to return something at Kohl’s and did some shopping as well.  I helped the girls as I could while she was out.  Then when she got back, I was laying down with stuff on my eyes so she made lunch.  We had burgers for lunch and Carol made them in the air fryer, and they turned out great.

The girls had a good day of school.  Bella had less stuff than usual, and was all done before lunch.  Bia had the norm, and didn’t finish some math work before we left, so she’ll have to finish later.

After lunch, we started getting ready to go to Calina’s for the afternoon.  Bella played around, I took a nap with stuff on my right eye, Bia did school, and Carol cleaned up the area and got ready.  We left around 3pm and went right to their house.  When we got there, the kids were all happy, and were playing right away.  Ricardo had found a motorcycle and made an offer to buy it, so we were going to go get it.  Carol stayed with the kids and Flavia, and we left.  The bike dealer was about 45 minutes away.  We got there, they did the paperwork, and within an hour we were leaving to go back.  Ricardo got a nice bike, a 2000cc Vulcan, it’s a beast.  We started going back the long way, and about half way Carol called and we all decided to get dinner at Hocca, which is a Brazilian restaurant.  I changed the destination in the GPS, and Ricardo followed me from there.

We got to Hocca a few minutes before the ladies and the kids.  The place is nice, reminds me a lot of Tonilu, the way they serve, the food and how the beer comes.  We had Brazilian food for dinner, and the kids loved the picanha with rice and beans.  We had polenta frita (fried polenta) as well, pastel, and then Pudim de Leite and churros for dessert.  I had 3 beers, and they were served perfect, super cold, nice creamy head, perfect!  Carol had some fancy drink, and the kids had fresh lemonade.  The total price was in line with any other restaurant, not cheap, but not expensive either.  After dinner, we all went back to our respective homes.  My eye was very irritated again, so Carol drove us home.  I could not wait to go to bed and sooth it out.  When we got back, the girls brushed their teeth and went to bed.  Carol and I showered and went to bed. 

It was another chill day, but I’m happy I got the vaccine.

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