Day 219 – 4/6/21 Hangout day at Calina’s

We had a chill day, got school done and hung out by Calinas.

I woke up in the middle of the night, around 3:30am and could not sleep anymore so I was a bit tired all day.  I got some writing done, paid some bills and did some work.  I went for a run around the campground again, and enjoyed it again.  Nice and easy, no traffic, great weather.  After my run I had two work calls until noon.  Then I worked on grilling some sausages for lunch.

The girls had a good day of school.  They got all their work done, plus whatever they had left from yesterday.  Carol did some more organizing, cleaning inside, and then made lunch.  After we all ate lunch, the girls went back to class to finish their work and Carol and I went outside so she could give me a haircut.  It was a bit hot outside and wearing the black plastic vest thingy got me soaking wet.  At least getting a haircut is about being less warm at the end… hahahah. 

After the haircut I took a shower while Carol did the dishes and the girls finished school.  Then we all got ready to go for a pool afternoon and hang out at Calinas.  Flavia had sent me a message that my phone arrived there, so I knew I was not going in the pool and instead was going to be setting up my iPhone.  We were out around 3pm and I just stopped at the nearby Publix to see what documents they’d need if I wanted to get a vaccine here.

When we got to Calinas the kids started playing, Bella and Charlie went to the pool right away, and the others went a little after.  I got working on setting up my phone and Carol dyed her hair.  We hung out while the kids played, and later we had dinner there too.  We stayed there until about 7:30 so all the kids could go to bed at a decent time.  When we got back, we all got ready for bed and called it a day not much after 9.  Everyone was tired. The girls read a bit, and then were out.

It was a pretty chill day.

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