Day 217 – 4/4/21 Easter at Calina’s

Happy Easter!  We had a nice relaxing Easter Sunday at Calina’s today.

We slept over here at Calina’s; Carol, Bella and I were on Vi’s bed, and with Bella in the middle moving around, it was hard to sleep non stop all night.  I was also left with little room at the edge of the bed, but it was all fine.  We make it work.  I woke up around 7:30am, showered and was downstairs having coffee.  Bella woke up with me, slowly went downstairs and then came back crying that the Easter Bunny had not come. Hahahahah… I told her I’m sure he did, and once I was ready later I’d help her find his stuff. 

Heather and Todd were leaving at 9 to go back home, so they were moving around soon after and getting their things wrapped up.  Everyone was up around 8:30, and ready to say bye to the Gehri’s.  We all went outside as Ricardo drove off with them, and the kids, Flavia and Carol ran after them yelling bye as they left.  It was cool to see, yet sad and emotional.  Always hard to say bye.

While Ricardo was taking Gehri’s to the airport, we started getting things ready for our Easter meal.  Carol was making the popular Brazilian cod dish, which is actually Portuguese, and also making Pudim de Leite (flan).  While Carol was doing that, Flavia was getting ready for the day, and the kids were all busy and very concentrated playing, so I went to the garage and they didn’t even notice, so I hid all the eggs from the day before on the outside of the house, most of them towards the street side, then into the backyard by the pool.  The kids didn’t even notice I was out. hahahaha.  Oh, and before I did so, I went upstairs and unplugged the monitor where they can view the security cameras.  Earlier in the morning they asked Ricardo to set it up so they could see if they caught the Easter Bunny, so it was setup.  As they were watching it, mainly Bia and Cameron, they saw the screen glitch, and they came running around saying they saw a glitch on the screen and it must be the Easter Bunny doing it so he was not caught.  They then ran outside looking for him. hahahahaha… I knew I had to get that camera off, otherwise it’d be risky they could see me out there.  Not long after I finished, Ricardo was almost home, so we rushed all the kids to finish getting ready and to wait for him to arrive, so they could go outside and look for eggs.  I had told them I spotted a few, but we needed to wait for Ricardo to arrive as he wanted to be there for the egg hunt.  Ricardo had to kill some time around the block as the kids were not ready when he arrived. 

The girls were wearing red dresses that were exactly the same, and they all had pig tails, they were so cute and looked like each other.  The boys were dressed up, Henrique had a bow tie and looked awesome.  Charlie had a dress shirt and shorts, so cute.  When the kids were ready, Ricardo arrived and beeped, but they didn’t hear, so they were waiting by the door when he came in through the garage and they started screaming, happy and excited to start their egg hunt.  And, off they went, and all we heard was screaming with excitement as they found each egg.  They were so happy to have had Gary, the Easter Bunny, stop by and not have forgotten them.  hehehehe.  They were going to just share all the eggs rather than each keep what they found, which was a much better idea and they worked as a team, tracing the path of where the eggs were found and moving on to the next stop.  It was pretty cool to watch them have so much fun looking for the Easter eggs. 

The boys were having fun too, mainly Henrique as Charlie is still too little, but he was out there looking too.  As the girls had found all the Eggs they could, we moved inside to check them out, and while they did that, Gary (Carol) dropped one more surprise right by the front door.  Someone heard a door bell and when the kids went to check, it was a basket full of goodies.  Lots of crafts things, paint, things to paint, etc.  They started screaming again with joy, and then realized Gary must be nearby, so they ran outside to see if they could see him. Hahahahaha, no luck.  I even helped them trace his potential steps, but he was gone, so we went back inside, and they resumed opening eggs and the treats from the goodie bag.  Flavia had the kids sit by the kitchen counter while they opened everything and painted stuff, so they were there for a while.  Carol continued on making lunch, and I helped set the table for lunch and get a few things done for Flavia.  Ricardo tried to put Charlie down for a nap, twice, but it didn’t work quite well. heheheh.

Lunch was ready around 1, and the house was smelling awesome with the food.  We got all the kids sitting and got their food and all sat down and had a great Easter meal together. 

The cod stew was delicious.  Carol made two batches, one with fresh cod, and one with salted cod, and they were both great.  After lunch, we cleaned up, did the dishes, and sat around chatting.  Then we each called our families in Brazil, got some calls, and spent a good amount of the afternoon talking to our families on the phone, hanging out, etc.  It was a nice afternoon.  The kids watched some TV, and then continued playing.  Henrique was playing games pretty much all day, but did join the girls at one point when they were playing hot potato. 

Mid to late afternoon, Bia and Charlie went in the pool.  Charlie had actually gone in while he was wearing pants and just stayed there, so Flavia changed him and Bia joined him.  The breeze was a bit cool, and the water was a bit cold though.  They were in there for a bit, maybe 45 minutes.  After we were all done talking to family, we were chatting outside, then moved to the inside.  When it was about dinner time, we had what was left from lunch, and finished it all.  Wow!  I think it’s the first time in a while we don’t produce leftovers for another day. hahahaha.  After we all ate, we started getting ready to leave.  All the kids have school tomorrow, so we want to make sure they all go to bed at a decent time.  We left a little after 7, after the kids got all their stuff, we had helped with dishes from dinner, and we got all the stuff we brought, the laundry, etc.  Everyone was tired from the long days we’ve had the last week or so.

After we got back to the trailer, the girls started getting ready for bed.  We had to finish making their beds too as Carol had done laundry.  Bia showered first, then Bella, then Carol.  We did some organizing in the trailer, mainly for the night, and will finish putting everything away tomorrow.  The girls read a bit by their beds, and we got them to go to sleep around 9:30.  Carol and I were tired too, so we went to bed soon after.

It was a nice Easter Day with friends.

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