Day 216 – 4/3/21 Orange Farm, and relax day with friends.

We had a low key day with our friends.

This was another colder morning at the trailer at 55F when I woke up around 7, but warmed up later into the 70s.

I had another somewhat frustrating morning working on the phone claim.  I spent over two hours working on it.  The Apple website cleared the claim so I could file it again and get pushed over to the Assurant site.  But, the Assurant site is the problem and it sucks!  This time, I got passed the second screen, but each time there’s a field that does not work.  It is like they do this on purpose so you can’t file your claim at all, or timely.  I kept going, and trying, and each time passed a step, but uncertain if the prior step worked.  Their site does not show a proper status either, so you’re left wondering if this is working or not.  I ended up calling them twice to make sure, and here’s what’s even worse…. When I called the first time, the lady said all the data looked fine, but they were waiting for a copy of my driver’s license.  Wait, what copy?  They never asked for one… WTF!  She sent me an email while we were on the call, and when I clicked on it, guess what… the page did not load.  So she had me go to a “backup” route to send the copies of my license.  After that, I had to call again to make sure they had it.  Much later in the day, I got an email saying they needed a copy of the receipt of purchase of the insurance, which I had handy. Overnight, the claim got approved.  This was a nightmare of a process.  I went for a run after that.

Carol and the girls woke up on their own time, and we got ready to leave.  Carol got laundry to take, we loaded and left to the Orange farm that’s close to the campground, where we were meeting the rest of the group.  

The Orange farm is pretty cool.  They have the orange trees which you can walk through the plantation and get oranges.  They have playgrounds, they have food trucks, music and all kinds of stuff.  We first got there, got some drinks and Carol ordered food. 

The group arrived soon after, and we all ate different things from all the different food trucks.  I took a walk by a path of orange trees with Bella as she wanted to see if the Easter Bunny that was there earlier and had left anything that kids didn’t already find. Hahahahah… we didn’t find anything but it was a nice walk. 

After we all ate, we went to the petting zoo.  Bella was in heaven, she loves petting zoos.  All the kids were having a good time.  Adults had their beverages of choice, so we were enjoying it as well.  Then Todd and Heather got bracelets for everyone to go through the orange picking experience and we walked towards the fields. 

They have a lot of oranges and only certain areas are open for picking during different times, based on where the fruit is ready for picking.  Kids had a great time as well, and after the one bag we had was full, we started heading back to the main area.  Ricard and I were ahead with the kids in the stroller.  Todd joined next and we stopped by the water to wait for the ladies and the rest of the kids, and we spotted a small alligator not too far from us.  When the kids got there, they tried to get close and go to the other side, but the gator heard them and left, disappearing under water. 

We ended up stopping by the monster trucks area, the kids were playing in the playground, and we were all having drinks.  We hung out for a while, then left and went to Calina’s. 

From there, we just hung out the rest of the day.  After most people went to bed and kids were sleeping, Ricardo and I stuffed plastic eggs with chocolate for the egg hunt tomorrow.  Carol got an easter basket full of goodies as well, and we hid all of it in the garage so we can put it out tomorrow. 

We had a nice day today visiting the orange farm and hanging out with our friends.

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