Day 215 – 4/2/21 Frustrations with Apple Support, then hanging out with friends.

What a day, frustration with Apple, but later just hung out with friends.

It was a cold morning today, it was 50F when I woke up, I’m not used to this anymore.  It was great for sleeping though.  I got my coffee ready and did some writing, and got one more day caught up.  Carol and Bella were up around 8:30, and then we started getting ready to leave as Carol wanted to have breakfast at Calinas.  I had an appointment at the Apple Store at Millenia Mall, so I got all my stuff ready for that, including my computer.  Since my laptop had failed a few weeks ago, I needed to take it in to get looked at, and this was the right opportunity to do so.  We said bye to Leo and Ju as they were leaving back to Wisconsin today, and since I had my appointment, I was probably not going to see them again.

We left the campground and went to Calinas.  I stayed there for a bit and then went to the mall.  My appointment was at 11:30, and even though I got there at 11, which is when the store opened, they let me in and saw me right away.  This was a total mess, this claim issue was a disaster.  First, as I explained why I was there, the guy looks at me confused and says “We don’t do that here”.  WTF!  I spent more time explaining how long I spent with Apple and Assurant online and on the phone, what had all transpired and that the last escalated tech told me to go to the store and I’d walk out with a phone.  I asked for a manager, went through all that again, just to hear another “We don’t do that here”.  WTF*2.  Then they committed to at least working on the process to get to the bottom of it, and I was there for TWO FUCKING HOURS!  And nothing… nothing.  Bottomline, noone could fix the claim mismatch issue between Apple and Assurant and I was told to just wait until 72 hours had elapsed so the claim would drop and I could file a new one.  With no guarantees it would actually happen.  That was a lot of wasted time to accomplish nothing.  Well, at least they felt bad enough they fitted in to look at my computer.  It does need a HD replacement, so I’d need to send it in, which I can’t do now.  They also told me my battery is failing and should be replaced.  I’ll have to pay for the battery, and that’s almost 200 bucks as the package comes with a new keyboard and track pad.  I’ll send it in after we get home, sometime in June, and will decide then if I want the battery replaced too.  As I was leaving, I asked for directions to the T-Mobile store and the apple guy gave me a SIM card, woohoo… hahahaha… Dude spent 2 hours with me, calling all kinds of tech support, escalations and all, to get nothing fixed.

I left Apple and went to T-Mobile to get an active SIM card with my number, and since I want to get Bia a phone for her Birthday, I wanted to see what they had and maybe get it and use it myself until my phone comes in.  T-Mobile had the same phone Bia and Lulu had, and it was around 170 with all taxes, so I got that and my sim activated with it.  At least I walked out of there with a working phone with my number in it, and I can finish setting it up later.  Quite frustrating experience I must say.  Then I drove back to Calina’s.

At Calina’s we just hung out for the rest of the day.  The kids played all day, and we let them watch TV for a bit a few times, and they were pretty good with turning it off when we asked them to.  Ricardo got me a nice IPA, which I had the entire growler through the afternoon.  Flavia and Carol left at some point to go to a store, and Todd and I were in charge of the kids as Heather was taking a nap, and Ricardo had gone to his podcast.  The kids all behaved.  Charlie was really good and only asked about Flavia once but we changed subjects quick and got him busy.  Henrique didn’t ask for parents at all.  When we asked them to turn off the video game, I thought he’d have a meltdown, but he didn’t, he said “ok” and just did it and went to play with the girls.  They were awesome.

n the afternoon, after Carol and Flavia returned, Carol made the kids some “Starbucks” drinks (no caffeine), and Bella decided she wanted to make some treats, so Flavia helped her with that. Bella really enjoyed it all, and they served all the kids an afternoon tea :).

The adults just hung out and talked, it was nice to have a little easier one on one conversation time, without the chaos of so many people. I

We left their house around 10 I think, and brought all the kids so we can all have a good night of rest.

We had a nice day, interesting, frustrating, and relaxing.

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