Day 210 – 3/28/21 Sunday with friends

We had a nice Sunday with friends.

Today is moving day, but since we have been sleeping by Calina’s and the trailer was left at the campground ready to go, our plan was for me to go there early, and try to make it to our next one as close to noon as possible so I can try to get a spot next to Bellodi’s.  I was able to sleep a bit more overnight since we didnt go to bed so late, as we did on Friday, but the house was quite warm and it was a bit hard to sleep, though, I feel more rested.  I ended up waking up around 7:30, so I had some coffee, got my things ready and left to Cocoa Beach to get the trailer around 8:30.  I had a little over an hour drive, with not much traffic.  Once I got to the campground, I got to it right away.  It was nice to just pack it all and get one thing done after the other, felt easier to not have to worry about the inside getting done so I can have the slide out in, etc.  I did spend a bit of extra time washing the hoses and such, they were very sandy and I didn’t want to get all of that in the storage compartment, but all the rest was normal.  I was pulling out of there a bit after 11.  The drive to the next campground the Orlando RV Resort, was easy, it was about 90 minutes and I pulled in to the entrance right around 12:30.  I was the 42nd check in, and there was a huge line outside.  I probably waited 45 minutes in line before I was escorted to a site. Leo was trying to hold a site for me, but it took too long and the sites were all taken.  I ended up just taking any site and decided I’d not setup everything, so we can move tomorrow morning as a spot right next to him will open up.  I setup the electrical so we could have the fridge and AC going, and also hooked up the water.  I put the jacks down to reduce the movement in the trailer and that was it.  Once I was done, I went to Leo’s site, we had a beer there and then drove to Calina’s house for the afternoon.  The plan was to have a Brazilian bbq, enjoy a pool day and welcome the Gehri’s.

Once we got there, Leo and I worked on getting Ricardo’s grill converted back to propane.  I had converted it to use the trailer’s quick connect system, but now that he sold the trailer (is selling) he will use the grill at home.  Then I setup a table next to the pool outside and got the grill started.  I had a little propane tank in the truck, so we used that one, but it was not full and was empty in the middle of the afternoon.  As I was working on the grill, Ricardo arrived with the Gehri’s and all I could hear was all the kids screaming with excitement to see their friends, it’s awesome!

All through the morning while I was out, Carol stayed with Flavia and helped keep the house organized and ready for the new guests.  The kids played all day, and were in and out of the pool a few times.

Soon after Gehri’s arrived I went to the store to get more propane, and then we continued the grilling.  It was super nice to be outside by the pool, enjoying some grilling, and beers and our friends. 

We had our old bubble together, minus Judy and Bob.  Everyone was having a great time, catching up, laughing.  Food was great and we had chicken heart, sausages, picanha, all Brazilian meats made the Brazilian way.  We all had a lot of fun. 

As it got late, 8-9pm or so, some people were getting tired and going to sleep, so we started packing up to go and we all left by 10pm.  Carol drove back home and after we arrived everyone got ready for bed.  The kids were beat, brushed their teeth and were out in no time.

We had a long fun day with our friends.

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