Day 211 – 3/29/21 Campground and dinner with friends.

We stayed by our campground today, and had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant with our friends.

I woke up before the alarm clock today, but was still feeling pretty tired so I turned the alarm off and just stayed in bed longer, and was able to sleep until about 7:30.  I made my coffee and started working on getting some emails caught up, and a bit of writing.  I have not written in a few days, so I wanted to at least get the main things down. 

Around 8:15 Leo sent me a note saying his neighbor at the campground was getting ready to leave, so we started getting ready here to move next to him.  I didn’t have much to get setup since I didn’t do a full hookup yesterday with the goal of moving today, so we were all ready by 9am. 

Carol and the girls woke up and after eating something, and getting a few things inside ready to move, they went to the truck just after 9.  The girls were playing in their devices, so they were content.  We ended up waiting, ready to go, for about an hour as the guy took his time leaving his site.  Right around 10 is when Leo sent me a note saying the guy just pulled out, so we got moving.  The new site is not far, so we were there in like 2 minutes.  As I pulled in front of the new spot, the guy was still close enough that I could not move to back in and had to wait for him to finish connecting his car to the back of his bus.  At 10, I had also started a conference call for work, and was participating ok until I had to back in.  Backing the trailer, especially to my right requires a bit more concentration and it is hard to follow a call, even worse when they are showing stuff on the screen hahahaha.  Oh, the girls had jumped out of the truck as soon as we stopped the first time and were already playing with Bia and Lulu, we are next door to them now.  I got the trailer backed in pretty good on the first try, and almost didn’t need much assistance from Carol.  I got the trailer pretty close to the outside of the concrete slab, so we have as much room as we want on the right.  I was still on my call as we were working on leveling the trailer, choking it and unhitching.  Carol helped me to get that part done, so we could move the truck and turn it off.  I finished my call, then had another quick call with Paul and continued setting up. 

Since we are staying here 2 weeks, I got most of our stuff out and setup.  I got all the usual things, plus the table and grill, got all the chairs, got the bikes out, and even our screen tent.  I took my time, so it took a bit to get done.  When I was done, it was close to noon, so I went to the nearby Publix to get burgers and some beers.  The store is like 5 minutes from here, so very convenient.  They had some awesome huge burgers and I got a few extra ones.  Carol was getting the inside cleaned up, organized and had a bunch of laundry she did at Calina’s to fold.  After I got back I grilled the burgers for all of us, including Bellodi’s and we had lunch by our spot.  Leo had brought an umbrella for our table so the girls could sit there with some shade, it was pretty sunny and warm.  Oh, and I got our big fan out too.  I also had some firewood in the truck which I took by Leo as he has a fire pit, so we’ll use that one of these nights.

The girls were playing all day long, non stop.  They played cards, they made art, painted, played some cup game, it was super nice to see them playing, and especially without electronics.

After lunch, I did some work as I had a few work emails to respond to.  I also took care of a few bills.  Carol and Ju were doing stuff and chatting since we arrived as well.  Ju was here when Carol was folding laundry then Carol was there when Ju was doing stuff.  Late in the afternoon everyone started getting ready to leave for dinner.  We had dinner reservations at a Brazilian restaurant for 7pm, and were meeting Calina’s and Gehri’s there.  We left right on time and made it to the restaurant a few minutes late.  Everything around here feels like it’s 25-30 minutes away. 🙂

At the restaurant, we were just trying all kinds of different Brazilian snacks.  We had a big table for 17, including the kids, and it looked like a typical Brazilian table.  Parents on one end, kids on the other, lots of talking, loudness, on top of live music.  We had a nice time there, food was good, but I feel like some of us didn’t have a good meal per say.  Bia didn’t eat properly there and was hungry when we left, she said she didn’t want snacks and was waiting for the food and didn’t know we were just having snacks for dinner. hahahaha… Those snacks are filling, so you don’t need to eat much to feel full. 

Within an hour of us getting there, the younger kids were not having a good time anymore, so Gehri’s left first with Flavia’s van, and soon after Calina’s left.  We finished what we had, paid the bill and left.  By time we got home it was 9:30 and I was tired, so I just started getting ready for bed, we got the kids ready and they were tired too.  It’s good to sleep in our trailer, we got the fan going for white noise, we have the temp low enough to be comfortable and everyone can rest properly.

We had a nice day at the campground, and spending time with friends.

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