Day 209 – 3/27/21 Saturday party with friends

Saturday was a fun day, long fun day. 

We slept over at the Calina‘s house and the kids were up early, it was like they didn’t even go to bed late, I think they were up around seven, which is when I was up. 

I woke up, changed, got some water, had a cup of coffee and left for my run.  I ran towards a trail they have not too far from their house.  It was a nice run through some neighborhoods, which are nice.  The trail looks really cool, but by time I arrived there I had hit about 2 miles of run, so it was time to go back so that I had my 4 mile run.

The kids were watching TV when I left, and I had asked Carol to make sure they were not watching TV much or much longer after that, and when I arrived they were playing.  We were going to have more guests today so we started getting everything ready, cleaning, getting the house ready, buying stuff etc.

I left with Ricardo later to get the car washed, get a curtain rod for one of the bathrooms, get beer and other drinks for Saturday and for Sunday.  On Sunday Heather and Todd and the kids will arrive so we’ll have even more of our friends together, it will be our old bubble together again minus Bob and Judy. Carol helped Flavia with the house and the kids, and the kids were playing in the pool, and then out of the pool, then in the pool again, and that was pretty much all day.  They went in and out of the pool all day long.  They played some animal doctor hospital game as well. 

They played that on Friday as well, where they took all the stuffed animals, put them all over the house and pretended that they they needed to be in the hospital.  There were animals all over, they each had a file showing what issue they had and what needed to be done to get them better.  It was funny and cool to watch.

Things started arriving for the party, orders and food.  We had lots of things for today.  We had Brazilian beers, we had sfihas, we had snacks, we even had some amazing cakes Flavia got from one of her business deals.  The weather was really nice, a tad on the hot side, so Ricardo had the big fan out, which definitely helped with air movement out there and keeping us a bit cool.

The guests also arrived around 2 PM, Gustavo and Carol, they are Leo and Juliana‘s friends.  They are very nice, and they brought their two daughters, and we basically hung out all day.  We were eating Sfihas and having drinks.  Leo made some passionfruit Caipirinha which was great, and we were having a very good time.  Until…… Charlie had an allergic reaction to something, and his ears started swelling and turning red, and his lips were swelling and getting very stiff.  Ricardo and Flavia took him to the hospital, to the emergency room, and they were out for a while.  It was basically an allergic reaction to either fire ant bites or sunscreen, so they’re gonna have to check that out further. 

While they were out, the kids continued playing in the water.  Oh, prior to them leaving, Ricardo was doing some dive bombs with the kids and they were having a great time diving in the pool.  One of the sides of the pool is very deep, like probably 6 feet or more, so it is a good spot for doing dive bombs.  The kids had a lot of fun with Ricardo doing that, and continued a bit afterwards.  Until… hahahaha… one of the kids came to Gustavo and said she saw a snake in the pool.  It was a small garden snake, but neither Leo nor Gustavo wanted to take it out, so I just went there and grabbed it quick by its tail and threw it towards the lake, away from the yard.  Fortunately, most of the kids didn’t even see this happen, otherwise they would have left the pool for sure. Eventually, everyone was back, kids were out of the pool and showered, and had dinner.

Not much later, Gustavo left on his own, then Carol left with the kids, and much later Leo and Juliana also left, and we all made it to bed around 11 today.  

Oh, and I can’t forget that later in the day Alex called me that somebody had hit the Tahoe.  He had the Tahoe for a couple of days still because Alexis’ car broke.  So, some drunk driver hit the Tahoe from behind, right after Alex got in, before he even turned it on to go to the gym.  Fortunately only the cover for the hitch got broke, nothing else at least from the pictures, and so there’s a police report and everything.  Hopefully it was just a cover for the hitch but I don’t think it’s enough to do anything with insurance because of deductibles, but will wait to hear from the other person’s insurance and make sure it gets fixed. (update: the other person’s insurance paid to get the card fixed, and it needed a new bumper and hitch cover)

It was a nice day with our friends enjoying a great day by the pool.

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