Day 208 – 3/26/21 Work, then friends at Calina’s

We enjoyed a nice long day with our friends today.

Our plan for today was to pack the trailer and leave it ready to just hitch up and go as we were going to Calina’s for the weekend, and leave right after my last call, which ended at noon.  I was up at my usual time, got emails done, writing, and had a call right away at 9am.  I walked out and went for a walk while I had my call, it was a paid consulting call so that was nice.  I made money while I got a little bit of a workout, can’t beat that.  While I was out on my walk\call Carol worked on getting the trailer and the kids ready, and packed clothes, etc for the weekend.  She also got our laundry ready to go so we could do the laundry at their house.

The girls woke up and were playing on their devices.  Lulu was here too, so they were all playing together and pretty much staying out of the way while Carol got the trailer ready to be closed up.  The girls were super happy to have Lulu here and had a lot of fun.

I had my second call at 11, and Carol wrapped everything up.  As soon as I finished my call, we loaded the truck, locked the trailer and were out by 12:15.  The drive to Calina’s was just a bit over an hour, and most of it was highway driving.  We wanted to get there soon as Ricardo was going to take the girls with him to get Victoria from school, and they were all excited about that.  We made it to their house and settled in.  It was so nice seeing them again, it had been about 7 months since we were with them.  I went along with Ricardo and the girls to get Victoria, and Vi was super excited to see the girls in the car when we got her.  Bia was actually sitting in the back with Charlie, and Bella and Lulu were hiding in the last row.  Vi didn’t see them back there, and when we were almost back at the house, Bella made some noise and Vi realized they were there all along.  hahahaha..  they were committed to surprising Vi.

After we arrived with Vi, we had some lunch, well some people did as others ate at different times.  Once the kids ate, they started playing, and they played non stop until super late.  They played, they went in and out of the pool many times, and had a lot of fun together. 

Leo and Ju arrived later with Bia too.  It was so nice to see the kids all together again, and having so much fun together, and playing non stop.  And for us, it was nice being with our group of friends again, the Brazilians of Sheboygan (original).  We all talked for a long time, we had drinks, we ate, we laughed. We tried spicy hot sauces and almost killed Ricardo 🙂

Bellodi’s left around 11 I think, and then we put the kids to sleep around midnight.  Ricardo, Flavia, Carol and I stayed up talking until after 2am, just chatting, having good conversations, catching up, it was nice to have that one on one time.  Then we called it a day.

It was a long nice day, getting some work done in the morning, then visiting with Calina’s and enjoying our friends for the rest of the day.

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