Day 207 – 3/25/21 Table Beach, in Cocoa Beach.

We had a nice day at Table Beach here in Cocoa Beach.

The girls didn’t have school today, so I had even more time to get things done in the morning.  I woke up just before the alarm though, with some gut rot… yikes.  I had a lot of beers and among other things also a bag of pork rinds (chicherones) last night, and wow… that’s not a good thing even in a good day.  I was feeling sluggish most of the morning, hahahaha… all that fried pork fat was still moving through my body. Hahahaha…. Anyway, I was able to get my writing done, do some website maintenance work and a work call in the morning.  I have not posted anything new on the website in a while, but at least the writing is all caught up.  After I was done with my call and a bit of emails I had to do, we started getting ready to go to the beach.

As the girls woke up, they just started playing.  Lulu slept here, so Bella is all happy.  They were outside looking for lizards and planning what they’d do once they got one.  They played cards inside as well at some point, and just kept busy and happy.  Bella is so happy her bff is here.

Carol made pancakes for everyone for breakfast and did some laundry as well.  While Carol did the dishes inside before we left, I got the truck cleaned up.  There was a lot of crap, some pieces of paper and plastic wraps, and lots of sand!  We are going to the beach, so I did not vacuum yet, but got all the other stuff out of there.  I also tried on a shirt I had gotten at Ron Jon and it was super tight, so I put it back in the truck to return it.  I wanted to go there anyway to get new flip flops because mine broke last night, so I’ll exchange the shirt for a different bigger one.

We finally left to go to Table Beach around noon.  First we stopped at Ron Jon, and I was quick to find another shirt (right by the entrance) and flip flops.  I’m not too picky so once I saw a nice pair of Reefs, that was it.  Then we stopped at a Subway to get some food for later, and then at a gas station to fill up the truck and get beer and drinks for the girls, and ice.  We got to Table Beach around 1.  That is a nice beach, I felt it was cleaner, calmer and quieter, much better for families with kids. 

I read it was good for surfing as well, so that was great, but in reality at least today it was not great.  Same as yesterday, waves were crashing right at the shallow and there were enough shells to hurt if you got flipped over.  Once we settled in, got the tent setup, and all that, I put some sunscreen on and went for a run.  The beach is pretty long, I ran for almost 2 miles south and there was a lot more beach ahead.  It was a nice run.  It was warm, not a lot of people and as a matter of fact, most areas were pretty empty.  I ran by a big turtle being rescued as it was stuck in the sand.  I think after my 50 minutes run, most of that fried pork fat from yesterday was out of my system. hahahaha… 

The girls were playing in the water, quite a bit, especially Bia and Lulu.  Bella was not feeling like it much, and she was a bit afraid as she had seen a jelly fish.  They tried to bodyboard but it was too hard with the waves crashing so close to shore.  They played in the sand, looked for shells, dug, etc.  When I got back from my run, Bella was sitting with Carol and Bia and Lulu were jumping waves.  They had all eaten their subway sandwiches already, so I had mine and got a beer for Carol and I.  I had a call at 3pm, so I sat there with Carol for a while and then went to the truck to do my call.  My call was one hour, so I sat in the truck with my laptop going and half of the time with the AC on, and the other half with the truck off, and I was sweating within minutes. hahahaha… when I got back to the beach, it was nice.  The breeze had picked up so it was actually a bit cooler by the beach, than at the parking lot.  The girls were then out of the water and just hanging out and chatting.  Bia and Lulu were laying on the bodyboards, and Bella laying on the mat.  Eventually they started playing again, collecting more shells.  Carol spotted a Jelly fish in the water and Bia went and picked it up and put it in a bucket with water.  They were checking it out for a while.  When Bia had to put it back, she started crying. Hahahahaha.  It was about 5:30 when we decided we had enough beach time and started heading back.

After we got back, Carol started working on dinner and I was cleaning up the beach stuff and also re-arranged the truck and the stuff on the bed.  We have more room there again. hahah.  After dinner, the girls finished their showers and I took them to the gas station across the street to get some ice cream.  It was fun walking there with them.  It is a bit crazy to cross this road and on the way there, we had to stop mid way and play frogger. hahaha… then on the way back it was all clear and we didnt even have to wait.  When we were back, we put the TV on, and they watched some TV while Carol and I got things cleaned up and showered, etc.  I was tired and ready to sleep by 9, so we got them ready as well.  Bella and Lulu were chatting for a while in bed yet, but we were all settled and ready to sleep by 10.

We had a nice day at Table Beach, and all got tan.

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