Day 206 – 3/24/21 Beach time with friends in Cocoa Beach

We had a nice day at the beach, in Cocoa Beach.

The girls had their last day of school before their long spring break,and it was a shorter day for both.  They were both up by 8:30 and got going.  Bella did all her work quick, she was done around 10 and just started playing around.  I gave her some extra work to get her to practice her math facts and she did that too pretty quick.  Bia had a shorter day, and was online for her class and her last live class ended just before lunch.  We had an early lunch today, around 11:30, and both girls had their areas cleaned up before lunch.

Carol worked on some website stuff and planning for some new videos we want to start making.  She also helped the girls while I was out.  We are looking at getting an inflatable Paddleboard, so Carol looked for some options nearby as well.

I did more catching up on reading, and videos and podcasts, did my writing and went for a run.  I ran on the road today, around the same path I took with the bike, parallel to the beach and towards Cocoa Beach (South).  It was a nice run, no interruptions even though there were other people there.  The weather was great.  After I got back, I showered, we had lunch and left.

We wanted to enjoy some beach time today, and the girls changed their minds about getting bodyboards, so we went to Ron Jon Surf Shop again to get the boards first.  We got boards that were just a bit bigger for each of them so they can use those for a while. 

Carol and I got surfing shirts for ourselves, in case we want to use the boards as well, that way we have rash guards. :). Then we drove to where the GPS showed as Cocoa Beach, which is by a dog park.  We parked on the street, paid $10 for the day, and got our stuff.  Carol put lots of things on the red laundry cart and her and Bia pushed it towards the beach, but that thing did not roll once it hit the sand, so I had to take it from there.  We found our spot, setup the tent, put Maggie in there, put sun screen on and sat there for a bit while the sun screen did its thing. 

The girls were excited to try the body boards.  As soon as we told them it was ok to go, they ran to the water.  They did want me to go stay with them, so I joined after a few minutes, but took a few pictures of them floating around, going over the waves with their boards, like they knew what they were doing. hahahahah….

The beach there is not great for this, it is a bit steep in the shallow so when the waves break, you’re already super shallow, and at that spot, there are lots of little stones and broken shells on the ground and being pushed around by the waves.  It was pretty cool to see the girls trying and enjoying going over waves, they were enjoying it.  I eventually went by them and started giving them things to try, things to avoid, etc.  I had them turn around so they could catch a wave, and just like that and by accident, Bella caught a wave and went all the way to the shallow (not that far).  She was super happy and excited.    She came back, and did it a few more times.  I think it was her 5th time when her board turned sideways and the wave flipped her and she scraped her butt on the shells on the ground, then she was not happy and got out.  I then took her board, gave that to Bia and used Bia’s myself.  I helped Bia catch one, and she was pretty happy too.  She was a bit scared though so she didn’t want to do it again, and just wanted to be there rolling over waves.  The current was pulling Bia in, so I had to remind her to keep turning around to come back with the waves once in a while.  She had fun, and both girls said they loved the boards.  We’ll try to find better beaches for this tomorrow. 

Bellodi’s joined us at the beach later in the afternoon, and we hung out there for a while.  It started getting windy, so it was a bit colder too if you went in the water.  The kids were playing in the sand and having a great time, and the adults sat around, had some drinks and had a good time too. hahaha.. 

The wind picked up enough that at one point it pushed the tent out of the stakes and flipped it over.  Poor Maggie was tied to the tent and flipped over with it.  hahahahaha… we decided that was it and time to go home and eat.  Bellodi’s had brought bread and Brazilian linguicas (sausage), so that was the plan for dinner.  When we got back, I showed Leo the back area of the campground, which is super nice, and we walked to the gas station across the street to get some beer.  I ended up getting chicherones as well, which is always a bad idea because it’s fried fat, and I love it, and I eat the whole thing, then I feel sick next day… but I love the thing. hahahahah… We got back, kids were playing outside, I got the grill going and we sat out there for a long time.  It was great to be with them, catch up, have a yummy dinner together.  We hung out for a while, and I think they left around 10.  They still had to go back to Orlando, which is a little over an hour away, but I think their drive was 90 minutes.  Lulu stayed with us, she had already showered and put on some of Bella’s clothes.  Bella is soooo happy to be with her bff.  After Bellodi’s left, we put things away, locked up outside, showered and went to bed.

It was a nice long day, we enjoyed the beach and hanging out with friends.

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