Day 205 – 3/23/21 Beach time in Cocoa Beach

We had a good day and got to spend some time at the beach.

I was up and kept the AC fan blowing again, I didn’t turn any lights on, and had another “quiet” peaceful early morning.  I was able to get a good amount of stuff done, finished writing, did some work, some website work, etc.  Then, when it was 8:30am I turned the fan off and got the girls up.  After the girls were up and going, I went for a bike ride. 

It was a nice ride on a road next to the beach.  There was no clear sight of the beach, but it was like the next block, and lots of people were walking, running or biking there.  I started slow as it was in the middle of the city, but picked up speed later.  It was a nice ride, I even saw a peacock just cruising around.  Then I had a work call, did some work, showered and had lunch, then we started getting ready for the beach.

Bella had less work than usual and was done before lunch.  She went outside with the net and “caught” a lizard. Hahahaha then she was looking for ways to keep the lizard, but we told her to let it go.

Bia had the usual amount of work, plus some math work to re-do from a recent test.  That caused some problems as she didn’t want to do the extra credit work.  We had a conversation that extra credit should always be attempted as it’s like free money, you always take it.  She got it, but was not wanting to do it because it was hard.  And we spent a good amount of time with her complaining and throwing an attitude.  This was early afternoon, and Carol and Bella left to the beach without Bia and I so we could work on this math stuff.  I guided her to finishing it, then told her I had an extra thing for her to do, which was her math facts for 6, 7, 8 and 9.  We did that pretty easy, I showed her some tricks to memorize it and she was all happy and all was good then. In one of her breaks, she also went outside to try to catch a lizard, or food for the lizard. hahaha.

Carol did some website and video work in the morning.  There are a ton of recipes on the site that need to be updated and she did some of those.  Then she worked on lunch.  She made spring rolls and fresh rolls from scratch.  Yum!

When we were all done eating and doing the dishes, Carol and Bella left to the beach by car.  I stayed behind with Bia so she could finish her math work.  When Bia was done, her and I left on foot.  The beach is like 4-5 blocks from our campground, so pretty close.  Bia was in a great mood, and we had a good time walking there together, chatting and laughing.

When we got to the beach, Carol had the sun tent setup, the Kite was flying, and Maggie was all tucked in under the shade.  The girls played by the sand for a while, then hit the water, jumping waves.  I stayed by Carol, and put the kite higher and tied it to the tent. hahahah… it does a decent job flying itself.  The girls called me to play with them by the beach so I went.  We played for quite a while, jumping waves.  It was a nice day, but the breeze made it a tad cold if you were wet. 

The beach is nice, but once you’re in the water it was rough and lots of small rocks and broken shells would wash up and hit your legs.  The girls and I walked around in the water looking for a softer spot, but no dice.  Maybe tomorrow it’ll be better.  When we were done playing in the water, the breeze had picked up a bit and it was a bit cold.  It was 5:30pm or so, so we decided to go back. 

The girls and I walked back, Bia had Maggie, and Carol went to Walmart to get some stuff we needed.  We know we can find some RV supplies there, so she had to go to Walmart.  The girls showered while Carol was out.  Carol got some stuff for a Taco night, and when she was back, she got things ready while I got the table ready.  Everyone was pretty hungry because we  ate everything that Carol made… all the beans, all the beef… ALL OF IT!  Wow.  I guess the kids are growing up. hahahaha..  After dinner, we washed the dishes, cleaned up, showered, and watched some TV as we got things ready for bed.  I caught up on some things online and we got the girls in bed around 9.

It was a nice day getting things done and having some beach time.

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