Day 202 – 3/20/21 Relaxing rainy day in St Augustine

We just caught up, went out to eat and watched movies today due to rain.

It’s a “cold” rainy morning here, and very windy.  It’s 55F right now, so too cold for the beach.  I just saw on TV we have 25mph winds here today.  Because the weather was not looking too hot, we didn’t make any big plans today.

I was up first and got some writing done.  Then, I went outside and put all our stuff away, before the rain came in.  I put the bikes away, the camping mat, our chairs, and pretty much everything that was outside.  I wanted to do it today, before the rain, so it would be all dry, plus so I don’t have to take time tomorrow to do it.  We have talked about leaving early tomorrow, so we can get to the new campground early, and have time to drive an hour towards Orlando to see our friends.  After I got all the stuff outside done and put away, I went back inside and did the dishes.

Carol and the girls woke up, little by little, and had the TV on or electronics or what not.  It was a lazy day, just watching TV.  We made reservations at the Columbia restaurant that we tried getting into the other day, and which was a recommendation from my buddy Rudy.  Reservations were for 4:15pm, so we just chilled until then.  We left camp around 2:30 as I wanted to make sure we had time to drive downtown, and most importantly, find parking.  As we drove in, even though the weather was crappy and drizzly, downtown was pretty packed.  I followed the GPS pretty close to the restaurant, and while I was worried it’d be hard to find parking, Carol spotted a spot on the street about a block from the restaurant, and we took it.  The truck fit perfectly in there, and I paid the meter which was nearby and we went.  We stopped first at an Irish pub to have a drink.  It was a nice spot, but no-one was wearing masks, which seems to be the norm around here.  After our drink, we went to the restaurant.

Columbia restaurant is very nice.  The place is nice, the inside decor is Spanish, and very nice.  Lots of little details make it nice.  Cloth on tables, everyone wearing masks, and the food and service were amazing.  I’m really glad we went there.  The girls had steak, and Carol and I had Paella.  Soooo good!  We also shared a flan for desert, which was pretty good as well.

After dinner we went back home and had a movie night.  We watched two movies before going to bed.  We didn’t want to go to bed too late so we could leave early the next day.  

It was just a rainy day, but we enjoyed it and relaxed, had a great dinner and finished packing for tomorrow.

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