Day 201 – 3/19/21 North Beach, St Augustine.

We had a nice day chilling at the beach today at North Beach.

Our morning routine was as usual, girls got up and started doing school work.  Bia had the usual amount of work, and did her usual nice job.  Bella had a bit more as she had to finish a review, but she pushed it through without complaining too much, and got all the work done, plus got caught up on everything as well.  They wanted to talk to friends, and also earn another $1 each hahahaha… when they were done, they made their beds as Carol had done laundry, and also did a few things we asked them to do, including take garbage to the dumpster, and earned an extra $1 each.  They were excited to go to the dollar store again.

Carol did laundry today, and also made a bunch of empanadas.  That pretty much took the whole morning and early afternoon.  We had empanadas for lunch, and they were delicious.

I had did some writing, and went for a bike ride.  I biked about 20 miles and went all the way to the Reef restaurant on North Beach. It was a nice ride, and was not too bad going through a bit of downtown, and it was nice going over the bridges.  The sun was out, there were no clouds, but it was a bit cool with a cold breeze coming in, so I had a light sweatshirt on.  It took me about 90 minutes to bike there and back and it felt great to go on a longer bike ride again, it had been a while.  After I got back, I showered and started doing some work trying to setup calls for next week, etc lots of emails.

After we had lunch, and after the girls made their beds, I took them to the dollar store so they could spend their $2.  They took a while to decide what they wanted to get again, but were happy when they were done.  Then we got back and packed everything to go to the beach.  Carol was done right around then, it was almost 3pm when we were finally all set to go.

We drove to the same place I had biked to.  The restaurant was open and Carol and the girls needed to use the restroom, so we went in to get some drinks and use the restroom, while we scoped out the area.  We got a table right by the window, so we had a nice view of the beach, and we could tell the wind was cold by what people were wearing out there. hahaha… We ended up staying in the restaurant for quite a while, say three beers time.  The girls decided they were hungry and ended up splitting two Mac and Cheese orders.  They first ordered one to split, then said they wanted more so they got another one.  When they were done, they went to the truck to get stuff to play in the sand and went to the beach.  Carol went with them too.  They were trying to slide down the hills by the beach, but the sand was too fluffy and a bit wet, and the hill was not steep enough, so it didn’t quite work.  I watched Carol and the girls play by the beach for a while while I finished my last beer, they were having fun. 

Then I joined them and we stayed out there for a while.  It was a bit cold though.  We had to get going as Carol’s cousin Laura and her husband Alexandre were coming to visit.  On the drive back, we were looking for firewood, so we stopped at a few gas stations and even a grocery store, but no-one had it.  As we drove into the campground, we saw their car going into the dollar general parking lot so Carol called them.  We ended up getting firewood at the campground and were lucky the park ranger was right there and could get it for us.  It was $6 per bundle, which is a bit pricey, but that was not the worst part.  The worst part is that we tried to use it, and the wood sucked, it was not dry enough, so it was not burning.

After we arrived, Carol gave our guests a quick tour of the trailer (everyone masked up) while I setup the outside, putting chairs properly distanced, etc.  Then we were outside from there.  We tried to get the campfire going, but it was not working, so I got the heater we have and we moved to under the awning.  They had arrived around 7:30pm, and we were having a great time talking and didnt even feel time pass, when they finally said they were leaving, it was midnight already.  Wow.  It was nice being outside, having guests and chatting while being properly distanced, but having family around.  The girls were with us outside for a while, but eventually went inside and got on their electronics most of the night.  Again, we had a great time chatting with Laura and Ale, it was nice that they came up from Daytona.

And that was our day, some beach time and nice visit from family.

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