Day 203 – 3/21/21 Travel day: Coca Beach, FL

Today was moving day, and we moved to Cape Canaveral – Cocoa Beach, and visited our friends near Orlando.

We had a “fast” morning today as we wanted to be out as soon as possible so we could get to the new campground by noon, and get things ready to then drive to the Orlando area to visit the Calinas.  Since I had packed all the outside stuff yesterday, I only had to unplug everything and hitch up.  I woke up a little after 8, so I woke Carol up right around then too and we got going.  Nothing too unusual about this packing, but it was raining a bit, so pulling the slide out in meant bringing in some water too, so Carol had some towels out to put around the slides, and then also dried up the top of the slide right after she got it in.  Outside, it was kind of sandy and with all the water from the rain, there was no way to not get wet sand all over the hoses and into the storage compartment.  That place needs to be cleaned up one of these days, maybe when we are in the Orlando park next week.  While I got things packed outside, Carol got the girls up and going and finished the inside.  I had a tight spot in front of the trailer, so then I went to hitch up, I ended up blocking the street, so I hurried to at least hook up then backed the trailer further into the spot so I could free up the street and we could finish packing more easily.  I also had to back further into the back street when we left, so I could clear the big motorhome that was next to me and pretty close.  The guy from the motorhome was doubting I could get out hahahah… but I did and with plenty of room to spare.  We were out of the campground around 9:40.

Our drive was pretty easy, all flat and mainly on one road.  We made one restroom stop at a gas station, and were back on our way.  We made it to our campground right around noon.  We are on the bay side of Cape Canaveral, right by the Banana River.  The beach side, or ocean side is on the other side, but it’s not that far.  Our packet was waiting by the office here, which is an old trailer.  It’s a small campground, older but somewhat well kept.  One side has a tall fence, the other has a low fence and we ended up on that side.  As we pulled by the site, the manager came by to greet us and help with the back in.  We didn’t need help but he was there anyway.  Scott was his name, and he was a nice guy, very polite and helping.  Once we were parked in, we hurried up to get everything connected.  Carol got some food going for the girls and got things inside setup. 

The girls were super excited to go visit Calinas and were hurrying up with everything we asked them to.  They have been counting the days for the last month.  We were all ready to roll around 12:30, and had a one hour drive to get to their house.  It’s a pretty straight shot from here to their house as well, most of the time was one highway, then we took another one and their house was 3 miles or so from the exit.  The girls were so excited they wanted me to stop by the corner, before we got to their house, so they could run there and surprise them before the truck pulled up.  Oh, and they ran, it was awesome to watch how excited they were.  There was so much excitement going around, that no one was taking pictures :(. Then, the door opened… hahahahaha… and all we could hear were girls screaming.  Wow, so much excitement.  Well, we were excited to see our friends as well.  Bellodis were there too, so it was nice to catch up and have everyone together, we missed them all a lot.  It had been over 6 months since we were all last together.  We got a tour of the Calina’s new house and hung out by the living room, having some beer and chatting.  The view from the living room is great, and the house is beautiful.  The kids were playing the entire time, non stop, and were all having a great time. 

Later on, Ricardo, Leo and I left to get some pizzas.  There is a Brazilian pizza place nearby, and they really like the pizza from there.  It was nice to go and just chat and have a beer while we waited for the pizzas. 

After we got back, the kids didn’t even eat much because they were having such a good time playing.  But, I think a few adults ate more than they should, me being one of them.  Yikes.  The pizza was great, very much Brazilian style, so nice. 

All the kids had school the next day, so we tried to not leave too late, but ended up leaving around 9, which is a bit late.  The girls didn’t want to leave of course, but we made sure they knew we are close now and can see them soon.  We had an hour drive back, so we asked the girls to just try to sleep rather than watch anything.  Bella fell asleep right away.  We got home a bit after 10, and had the girls just brush their teeth and go to bed.

We had a good moving day, and a great time with our friends.  It’s so good to be with them again.

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