Day 188 – 3/6/21 Beach day and friends in Galveston, Texas

We had a nice day hanging out with our friends Curt and Paul, and being by the beach.

Woooow, I slept in hahahaha… I woke up at 7:30 today, and the sun was already out on full blast.  It’s 55F right now, so not warm, and it is still very windy.  It rained pretty good all night, and the wind was strong, Carol pulled the awning in over night as the wind was blowing it too hard.

Bella woke up soon after me, and came out of her bed, gave me a big hug and asked for her computer.  hahahah…. I told her to first get changed and have breakfast, so she did.  As she was getting to use her computer Bia woke up and we did the same thing, hug, change, eat, computer.  Well, actually, Bella asked me to make her warm milk with chocolate in exchange for 20 kisses.  Sounded like a good deal to me, so I took it. 🙂

I also got Bella to complete her math work that was not done yesterday.  She did the book part ok, but then had 15 Freckle assignments behind, and should not have any, so I told her to do 5 for 30 minutes of phone time, and all for unlimited phone time.  Oh, that didn’t go well.  She threw an attitude, slammed her computer, and started crying when I took the computer back and said the deal was off and she would have no phone time at all.  In the end, we “negotiated” she’d do 6 assignments today and 6 tomorrow.

I worked on writing, posting, and took care of a few work emails.  Then, got outside and started cleaning up from yesterday, organizing, etc.  I cleaned the grill, the table, put the bikes behind the trailer, etc.  Just got the hang out area ready for when our friends arrived.  I also went to the office to get a parking tag for them.  The parking tag cost $10 a piece, ouch, a bit expensive I felt, but better get it and not have any issues with the campground later.

Carol went shopping for a few more things, and got some steaks and chicken for today.  After Carol got back, she seasoned the chicken and worked on a few things inside.  She got the kite she had bought for the girls and gave to me outside as I was going to get it going and surprise the girls, but as I was setting up, Curt arrived.  It was nice seeing Curt again, it had been a while.  He brought some beers as well, and after saying hi to everyone, we sat outside by the picnic table, cracked a Pecan Stout open and started chatting.  Carol had gotten the kite going, so the girls were outside playing.

We had the girls come play outside on and off through the day, so they mixed computer time with playing outside time.

I made some chicken on the grill early afternoon, and also grilled some garlic toast, a few veggies and the last potato we had from a day or so ago.  After we finished eating and cleaning up, Paul arrived.  Also, right around then, the wind finally stopped and it was getting pretty nice and warm, so we took our chairs and things and went to the beach to hang out there, play some frisbee, etc.  We hung out and chatted there for a few hours, the girls were there playing too, running around, playing with the kite, etc.  The kite was out while the wind was blowing a bit, but after a certain point there was no wind so we put it away.  We had a great time talking to our friends and enjoying the sunny day.

Curt left before dark, I think it was around 5 or so, then we went back to the trailer and hung out there.  Later on I grilled some steaks and bread for dinner.  Paul brought this hot pepper sauce for me to try, and it was HOT!  I put a good amount, and he was looking at me like I was crazy… I figured out why as I felt the heat… dammm… but it was awesome, so I kept having more.  I may pay for that tomorrow :). We had a nice meal outside, the steaks turned out great, and I had a few steaks with some sour cream and hot sauce.  Paul then left a little time after dinner, gave me the hot sauce, and took the cooler that Curt forgot behind.  Then we put some stuff away for the night, and called it a day.  The girls had already showered and were ready for bed earlier, so they were in bed not too late.  I was pretty tired, so after a bit of cleaning up, I got ready for bed and was done.

We had a nice day with our friends, hanging out by the beach here in Galveston, TX.

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