Day 189 – 3/7/21 Travel day: Lake Charles, LA

Today is moving day, we move to Lake Charles, LA.  

I slept in again, until 7:30 :). And just like yesterday, as I opened the windows the sun is out, full force.  It’s going to be a nice day, in the high 60s.  The girls woke up in the same sequence as yesterday, did the same things, including the milk for kisses offer from Bella, and were on their electronics after getting changed and having had breakfast.  I was able to finish writing right by 9, and Carol had just gotten out at that time as well, so we started packing and such just before 9.

I had all the chairs, grill, etc to put away, as well as the bikes in the front rack, which is usually a bit more work as I have to climb on the trailer frame to finish putting the bikes up there and tying them down.  Carol did the inside as usual and when it was time for the slideout to come in, I went inside as I wanted to find where the slideout controller unit is.  I had asked in a forum and they said it’s on the wall, behind the slide out, so with the slideout in, and from my side of the bed, I would have to look under the couch.  Carol pulled it in while I waited in that little corner,. Then I used my phone to find it and yep, it was on the wall under there.  It’s a tricky spot to get too, so it’ll be a pain if I need to work on it, but at least now I know where it is.  Carol finished cleaning up inside, I finished all the stuff outside and we were rolling out by 11am.  I made sure to put a bit more water in the fresh tank this time, as we ran out during our last trip, so we should have enough for when we stop on the road today.

We had a good trip today.  It is all flat lands with some big and tall bridges that connect some of the areas.  The bridges are pretty cool, and quite different as some are very steep and tall.  The views were mostly nice, where there was water, and there were some oil refineries along the way as well, in the Texas side.  We stopped about half way for lunch, and I also needed to add some DEF as mine was in the red zone already.  Carol heated up some empanadas on the stove as we parked by a gas station. 

Once we crosse into Louisiana, it kind of resembled some areas in South Carolina, kind of wet lands around here and there.  Our campground was about 2 miles off the highway, and was not too hard to find.  Our first impression was iffy, felt like a little neighborhood with some camp sites right in the middle, well, maybe that’s exactly what it is.  But, it also looks a bit messy around with stuff laying around everywhere.  We checked in and had a site right by some small houses, which looked like they are part of the campground complex.  All nice little houses, same construction and all next to each other, just different color.  We have a large pull through spot, while Carol stayed behind by the entrance to get quarters for laundry and to check out the laundry area, I went to our spot to start parking.  It was easy to maneuver around and get to our spot.  It’s a good spot, plenty of space to park, and room around to spread out.  The only “funky” thing is that all the connections are on the door side (or passenger side), rather than the side of the slide out, which is where the connections are for the trailer.  No big deal as it was close, so I just routed everything under the trailer and connected it all right in front of the rear bathroom door.  The sewer hose I connected the two I have and use once in a while, so no different than a spot where it’s a bit further from the rest.  We got everything unhitched and hooked up, and we could even fit the truck with enough room to leave the truck in front of the trailer.

After we were all setup, carol started working on laundry.  I got the TV tuned to local channels and just put something there.  I took a shower, opened a beer and just watched some TV.  The girls were playing without electronics, making videos and funny stuff. hahaha.. it was cool to watch.  I tried to get some pictures but not sure any worked out too great, but I have them.  Then the girls started watching TV, Bella came and sat snuggled up by me.  Carol made soup for dinner and we just relaxed.  That was the rest of our night.  Everyone showered and got ready for bed, we ate and watched some TV, and were all in bed early.

It was a nice moving day, and I’m looking forward to exploring the area.

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