Day 187 – 3/5/21 Beach day in Galveston, Texas

We had a nice beach day today, and our friend Paul visited us as well.

I woke up eager to see the sunrise again, and now I am sitting here looking out, but the sky is cloudy.  The windows are super clean as Carol cleaned all the windows yesterday, so they are spotless.  I can see light starting to show up in the horizon, and see two boats with all their lights on, it’s actually a cool sight too.  It looks like we’ll have an overcast day.

Bella woke up on her own again around 7 something.  She was happy to get her school work started and got going right away. Bia was up soon after, and got going as well.  Bia changed, brushed her hair and they both sat by the dinette working on their school stuff.  I got them milk and they wanted oatmeal cookies with that, so that’s what they got, two cookies each.  

Bia had a good day of school, and was all done by lunch time.  She was watching some movie from class while the live class was going on, so not quite paying attention.  I think that’s been happening more often based on the comments from her teacher so we made her stop and just have the class on her screen.  We caught her doing that again a while later.

Bella was doing good most of the morning, but got frustrated later and was just not having a good day around lunch time and on.  She was frustrated she was not getting the times work done right and she was not understanding it.  Carol tried to help, but eventually we just told Bella to stop and finish tomorrow.

I had work calls most of the morning, was able to get a post written and one posted, and also went for a run late in the morning.

Carol went shopping for a few more things, and came back with an awesome assortment of local beers, some huge shrimp, a new sand bucket and shovel for the girls, etc.  Woohoo… it was like Xmas morning hahahaha.  After she was back, she made Empanadas for lunch, and those were pretty awesome as well.

After we had lunch, I let the girls on their phones for a bit, while I finished some work, and Carol cleaned up the kitchen.  We also had the girls clean up their boxes and the dinette area, and by time we were all done, the trailer was nice and organized.  Then, we had the girls go to the beach and start playing and we joined them soon after.  Carol and I brought the frisbee and were playing there for a while, sometimes Bella would join.  It’s fun playing frisbee by the sand. 

At some point, I had to go back to the trailer to use the bathroom and get beer, juice, etc and my friend Paul arrived just at the same time.  It was cool to see him.  I was in the trailer when he arrived, so I got my mask and more masks for Carol and the girls, and went outside to greet him.  We kept our masks on while we greeted, Paul brought some gifts, a few local beers, wine and cupcakes…. THANKS PAUL!  Then, I put those away, grabbed the juices and some chairs and we headed to the beach.  Carol grabbed a mask and greeted Paul, and then we picked a spot to sit while distancing, and took our masks off and hung out by the beach.  The girls were playing around.  Caro eventually got a hold of her mom, it was her birthday and Malu’s birthday…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANA and MALU!  And Carol and the girls walked around with the phone talking to grandma.  I was able to sneak in a happy birthday.  Paul and I chatted for a long time there, Carol joined back when she was done, and we stayed by the beach until the sun was setting.

We then moved to the trailer, and started getting things ready to eat.  Carol went inside to get stuff, and I was outside getting the grill ready and such.  It’s a bit weird to have guests and keep a safe distance, but we did it.  Paul ended up on one side of the table while we sat on the other.  I heated up some Empanadas from lunch, then Carol had salad out and some huge shrimp to grill.  The shrimp turned out awesome!  I think she had about 30 big shrimp out, and we ate them all.  Then we cleaned up and moved to dessert, which were the awesome cup cakes that Paul brought.  We had quite a few cut up to share and also ate all of the ones we had out. hahahahah…. It started raining right around dessert, so we put things away quick, and had to rearrange our seating so Paul could come to the dry side :). The awning was dripping right in the middle of the table, so the side he was in was in the rain.  We ended up having Paul by the edge of the picnic table, then Carol right by the trailer door, and I was sitting on the trailer steps.  We chatted there for a while, and then Paul went back.  He said he’s coming back tomorrow, and will bring his dog.  It was nice having him visit, and we are looking forward to him and Curt tomorrow.  After Paul left, Carol and I put everything away outside, locked the bikes and grill.  We left the awning open, which was a problem later as the wind picked up.  Carol had to close it in the middle of the night.

The girls were just on their phones after we got back from the beach, so once in a while I’d tell them what to do, like shower and what not, so they were all ready for bed when we got back inside.  We got them to bed not too late from there.

After we were inside, I ate another cupcake hahahaha… oh boy.  It was delicious, but not needed.  And we just got ready for bed, I was tired.

We had a great day here enjoying the beach, and enjoying the company and conversations with Paul.

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