Day 155 – 2/1/21 Relaxing by the campground in Lake Havasu

We had a good day just enjoying the campground, getting caught up and relaxing.

It’s looking like a beautiful morning though the forecast says cloudy skies will come.

We don’t have good wifi by our site, so I have to go to the office\library with the girls for school work today, so waking up a bit earlier and getting them ready and changed so we can walk there and get setup.  We changed time zones, so waking up a bit earlier will not be hard, that’s good thing.

I woke Bia up and she was up and ready quick.  We got the material, computers, coffee and milk, and were out of the camper by 6:50am, local time, since we are now one hour behind Sheboygan time.  As we left the camper, Bia called me to the front of the camper to see the sunrise… and it was fantastic!  It was like there was a fire behind the mountain range far away.  Amazing.  We went to the library through the laundry room and it was all opened.   I could not get the wifi to work, so I had to let Bia use my phone hotspot until I got a response from Carol as to which wifi and password she used when she came to test.  She responded soon and I switched us to their wifi, which is actually very good.  The only caveat is we have to be at the library for the day’s work, but that’s ok as long as other people don’t want to do the same.  When we are out of the trailer, the girls are more focused anyway and get work done faster.  I then went back to get Bella.  On the way back, I took some pictures of the sunrise, which was even more amazing as the sun was getting higher.  Wow!

Carol had woken up and woke Bella up and got her started, so when I got back I printed some of the material she needs for the day and week, while Carol helped her finish getting ready.  Then we left.  She decided to bike there, while I walked with the back pack with all the books and another milk for Bia.  We got to the library, and she got going right away.

The girls had a good school day, no stress.  Internet is quite great here, solid and fast, no dropped calls or anything.  Bia got all her work done, and stayed a little longer to just use the internet.  Bella had more work than Bia, as usual, but just kept working on it.  She needed some help with fractions, and at that point was kind of guessing answers and I got a little frustrated with her, but we got over it and I think she’s starting to understand it all.  Bella was done with all of her work just before noon, and she was very proud to be all done, especially with me checking it with her.

I had a work call in the morning, and did the call from the library with the girls, which was fine.  They were quiet doing their things anyway, and since this was a Microsoft Meetings call, it was better to use their wifi for it.  I also worked on writing posts and actually posting something, it has been a while again.  It’s great to have fast internet, so I am trying to post a few now, we are over 50 days behind on posting.  Between helping Bella with some of her math, writing and posting, that consumed my morning pretty much.

Carol worked on laundry and went grocery shopping.  The laundry room here is nice and big, and inexpensive, so she pretty much took care of all of the laundry today.  Carol also got stuff to make pasta in the Ninja instapot, and this time she got her rig all setup to video it so she can release the recipe and process she uses to make it.  We love it!

We had a really nice lunch together.  It was drizzling a bit, but we had the awning out so we were under it.  We had the campground picnic table a little over half in under the awning.  The weather was pretty nice as well, so it was great to just be outside.

After lunch, the girls wanted to go back to the library to do some work on their turtle research.  Bella has been saying she wants a turtle… well, she wants a lot of animals, but I did say I’d be ok with a miniature turtle, as long as she researched it all and knew how much they cost, where we get them, how to care for them, etc.  So, her and Bia did a lot of research and wrote on google docs what they found.  It’s pretty cool to see them interested in things like this, and doing their own research, etc.  Bella did find out Petco in Wisconsin will have those, so we may have some miniature turtles in the future. hahah.  After the girls left, Carol folded and put away some laundry.  I helped her a bit, and then started organizing some of my things, trying to put away what I am not using.  Carol then wanted to do Maggie’s laundry, blankets or what not, so she went to the library with the girls while the laundry was running and worked on video editing, etc.

I stayed behind and continued organizing stuff.  I cleaned up the truck a bit, took all the garbage out and then setup the girls new TVs so they can play whatever one is playing on the other screen at the same time, since they are independent DVD players.  I also got all the wires organized and ran them to the side so they are not on the way.  And I got the cable Carol bought to show the iPhone on those screens working.  It’s cool to be able to do that, but not very useful, at least I don’t think.  I also got a phone charger setup on each side for the girls so they don’t need to share one anymore and each can charge their devices at the same time.  I already told them to keep all those things neat, otherwise whoever does not will lose the cable. :). They have been doing awesome at keeping the controls (each have their own) and wireless headphones (each have their own) in the designated spots, so I think they’ll comply.

When I was done, I went to the library to see what the ladies were up to.  Bella was watching Youtube, Bia was as well, and Carol was editing.  I got Bella to come back with me, and soon after Bia and Carol were back.  We just hung out outside for a while, enjoying the nicer weather while the girls played around.  I had gotten two bags of snap poppers out of the truck, and the girls were popping them around.  Carol was snacking on walnuts we brought from early in the trip, and was asking me to help crack them so she could eat them.  Bella had a great idea and taped a snap popper to the walnut then threw it down and bam… popped, and cracked the shell pretty good.  Hahahaha… she did that a couple of times and they always worked nicely.  It was very funny, and “satisfying” as she said.

It got dark soon, and we decided to go to the pool and hot tub, then shower by the campground showers, then come back and eat and go to bed.  So, we got our stuff quick and went.  The pool and hot tub are nice.  Bigger than I expected, and very cool with the lights.  The view from there is pretty nice too.  Pool water was nice and warm, though not warm enough for me.  The girls went to the pool right away.  I went to the hot tub right away.  I did take a picture of the rules sign as the third item from the bottom called my attention :).  See for yourself. Hahahahah.

We were all by ourselves for about 10 minutes, then a lady came in and came to the tub.  Carol and I on one end, and the lady on the other.  We got talking, she was nice… then we talked about our trip, and that we go to New Mexico after Arizona, and she said they are sticklers about masks in NM.  I said that was good, and that I was surprised people here in AZ don’t wear masks… the lady goes “don’t get me started, I don’t think masks work, my husband is a doctor”… so, I quickly changed subject as another guy and his son came in and sat in the hot tub.  We were now over the limit of 4 people in the tub, but we were all far enough to be ok.  Then the conversation changed to the campground, and the park models they keep building and replacing RV spots with those.  The guy happened to have a park model here, has had it for over 7 years, and is working on the building of the new ones.  I had seen a park model for sale for 125k, a one bedroom, one bath.  They both said that was cheap, as the new ones are going for 350k or more, not to mention the 1200 a month maintenance fee (or HOA).  Wow!  I thought this place had not hit their boom yet, but they are right in it.  That’s crazy.  The guy said there was a person who paid 350k for their park model, and once delivered, they gutted it all and remodeled it, spending another 120k.  Crazy.

Anyway, with the crowded tub and about 45 minutes of soaking time, it was time to go, shower and get the kids to bed.  It was already 7:15.  So, we showered, went back to the trailer and had dinner.  The girls brushed their teeth and went to bed around 8:30.  Carol and I finished a few things, put away a few more, and went to bed not much later than that.  Carol was reading, and I fell asleep.

It was a nice relaxing day.

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