Day 154 – 1/31/21 Travel day: Boulder City, NV to Lake Havasu City, AZ

We had a good trip moving today and enjoyed the new campground in Lake Havasu.

Today is moving day.  We are going to Lake Havasu City, AZ.  The original plan was to go to the Flagstaff area for the week and visit Grand Canyon and other parks in northern AZ, but the weather is too cold and there’s a lot of snow on the ground and more coming.  With the lows in the single digits, we can’t risk having anything happen to the trailer, plus that’s way too cold for our trailer, especially since it’s not a 3 season camper.  So, we are skipping the north and going south a bit sooner.  Oh, and today we also move to a different time zone as we leave PST and enter Mountain Time, so we’ll be one hour behind Wisconsin starting today.  It’ll get a little easier for the girls, but we will lose an hour of exploring time as well.

Our Sunday morning routine was good, no school means no stress as well. hahahaha… I was up and worked on writing about yesterday, it was a long awesome day so that took a while.  Carol and the girls were up around 8:30 and just slowly had breakfast and changed.  When I finished writing, I started packing and getting things ready to go.  Carol pretty much started around the same time, and we were all ready to go and rolling out by 10:30am.  From what I had seen in the GPS, we would have an easy ride, basically two main roads almost all the way there, with some wind as we got closer, steady wind around 12mph, but that’s not too bad. 

The drive was indeed easy.  It was a warmer day and got warmer as we drove more south.  We did make one stop to use the restroom and get some snacks in the trailer.  I just pulled up to a gas station and parked by the truck stop.  One of the tires hit 60psi, so my TPMS started beeping.  I think that’s normal as the starting psi was 52 and temps were a bit warmer outside, plus these tires are rated higher than the original ones and the max cold pressure is higher than the trailer manufacturer recommended 50 that I use, so we were fine, but in any event, our stop also helped cool the tires a bit and get the TPMS back to non beeping status :).

The drive itself was pretty awesome, lots of mountains and canyons and valleys.  Just beautiful scenery all the way.  I think some of the mountains are bigger than what we were seeing until now, and there were more of them with snow covered peaks.  As we drove closer to Lake Havasu, we saw more desert, lots of four wheeler trails, lots of people on the trails as well, and the lake was starting to show.  What an amazing area.  Just lots of things to do, from hiking trails, to biking, to boating and ATV.  Our campground was pretty close to downtown, in the area they call Island, hence the name Islander Resort.  It was a very cool drive through the city, and gave us a pretty good feel for what they have to offer here, which is pretty awesome.  This place must boom in summer.  We also drove through the London Bridge, which I read later it was actually a bridge that was from London, in the Tames river, and they took it apart and sent here, to this town, and is now in use here.  It definitely has the European look to it.  As we got in to our campground, we checked in and drove to our spot, and as we drove in we were amazed at all the different rigs and sites.  The sites are huge, with room for your trailer, toys and your tow vehicle.  Lots of big trailers, boats and ATVs, on the same site.   The campground is awesome!  Amazing views of the lake, lots of activities, like tennis, beaches, golf, hiking, etc.  We pulled up to our site, it was a pull through, as they all are here, and easily got lined up and ready to start setting up.  It didn’t take long to unhitch as the site is already pretty level, so we didn’t have to mess with that.  

The girls were soon out and playing, they first were drawing on the concrete at a site next to ours.  Then, they decided to build an ant trap. hahahahaha… it was pretty funny.  They had a bucket hanging with some glow sticks, and they had an area below with some cookie crumbs, marked with paper tape.  Then on the site, they explained that as they caught ants, they would then move them to this prison thing, that was made out of rocks, and had a colored pencils roof.  hahahaha… awesome to see how they play with so much creativity.  The setup here is nice, everything looks new and well kept.  All the wiring connections were in great shape, really looking like they were brand new.  It’s too bad the wifi does not work at our site, otherwise this would be perfect.

Once we were done setting up, I sat outside in the sun watching the girls and having a beer, and Carol was inside taking a nap, or at least trying to.  Then, I invited the girls to ride the bikes around the campground, they didn’t want to go, but Carol did, so we went.  We biked around the entire perimeter of the campground, and this place is AWESOME!  It is a beautiful campground, with a few beaches with sand, boat launch areas, boat docks, mini golf, golf, shuffle board, tennis, all kinds of stuff.  I told Carol I want to buy a small condo here, it’s amazing.  Great place for warm days to enjoy the water, go on hikes, and even enjoy ATV trails.  I checked out if there were any condos for sale and there is a small 1 bedroom one for 125k, a bit pricey to me.  Maybe we’ll come back and just camp, which is great, just need to plan ahead and book. 

While we were biking around, Carol checked the laundry room and loved it.  Lots of machines and cheaper than most places we’ve been to so far.  There are some really big buses here, with awesome setups, and all the sites are pretty big, with plenty of room for your rig and toys.  Not to mention the amazing views of the lake and the sunset.

Then we got back and hung out outside for a while.  Carol decided to do laundry, and the girls wanted to play mini golf, so when Carol went, they went along as you need an adult to play.  The girls finally went biking around later as well.  They enjoyed playing mini golf and other games.

Carol made dinner in between laundry cycles and we ate.  Then her and Bia showered at the campground, and Bella and I did at the camper.  We watched some TV, and put the girls to bed around 8:30, so we have a good rested day tomorrow.  Carol was reading and I was checking Facebook and what not.  Oh, and as we got water before bed, the water filter started beeping so Carol checked the lights and one of the filters needs replacement.  She put the order in on Amazon, but we won’t have it until WED, so we’ll get it in Mesa.  It sucks we’ll have a few days of beeping every time we get water. hahaha….

It was a nice travel day and first day in Lake Havasu, amazing area!

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