Day 156 – 2/2/21 Lake Havasu City, AZ

We explored a bit of town, biked towards London Bridge and the boardwalk.

It was a warmer overnight than we have had in a while, with temps around 55 over night.  Nice.  It also drizzled on and off all night, and it is drizzling right now.  The sky looks beautiful though, blue with some clouds, and some orange coming up from far.

I got Bia up and ready to go so we got to the library by 7am for her first class (8am in Sheboygan).  It is much better to be in Mountain time, feels like it is less of an effort to make it to class.  Bia got going, and I tried to start some writing, but didn’t have a chance to do much, then I went to get Bella.

Bella got up and got ready quick, we got her some milk and food and went to the library.  She got going and started great.  But, maybe an hour or so later, things went downhill.  Bella just was not doing anything, just stared at the screen and got no work done, things started escalating, everyone started getting frustrated… so, I asked her what was going on, and we talked a bit.  She said she was tired and wanted to go sleep, so I told her to do that, but made it clear that she was supposed to get back to the camper and go to bed, no electronics or any fooling around.  We were all at the library at that time as Carol was working on a video too, so Bella left by herself. 

About 20 minutes later I just stopped what I was doing and went to the trailer to see how she was doing.  When I walked in, she was in her bunk, covered up, but said she could not sleep and wanted to come down to get a drink.  hmmm… ok.  She came down, and we talked more.  I told her again that her attitude is a problem now, and that we will always help her when she needs help, but she needs to get the work done, if not in the morning, then later, but that we need to talk and we’ll work with her.  She said she didn’t want to work at the library, and if she could get the work done at the trailer, so I let her do that and just got the hotspot going for her, and she continued getting work done.  I think she also needed some 1on1 attention, so I stayed there with her and worked on some stuff while I sat with her and she got going again. 

When she was going and doing good, I got lunch going.  I was going to make burgers.  Carol had bought some plant based burgers some time ago, but she got the wrong kind and got buffalo, and she didn’t want those.  We also had two that were regular for her and Bia.  Bella had the left over past from the other day while she worked on her school stuff.  The burgers were actually pretty good, I liked the little bite from the buffalo.  But, actually, they tasted more like a chicken patty than a hamburger, but that’s ok, they were good.  

After we got done with lunch, we cleaned up and made sure everyone wrapped up their work.  Bella left some reading to do later on with four questions to finish, it’s like 19 pages of reading, so that may take a few days.  I got the bikes ready and pumped all the tires with the little pump I got a few weeks ago.  I love that little pump.  It’s light, not noisy and it has all the adapters to run on AC or 12V, adapters for cars, both types of bike needles, and other adapters.  Love it!  Plus it has a digital reader so you can set the target temp and it’ll automatically stop. 

With the bikes all ready, the girls had their helmets, Carol had water, we left to bike from the campground to the London Bridge and get ice cream by the boardwalk.  As we got out of the campground, there is a trail that comes right in front of it, and we took it and went right, towards the bridge. 

As we biked down, we saw two signs on the floor that showed bikes were supposed to go in the opposite direction we were going, and pedestrians in the direction we were going.  When we hit a car parking area, I stopped there and we read the signs more closely… oops.. they actually “ask” that for safety, bikes go one way and pedestrians go the other.  Makes sense, and it is much easier that way.  We were not too far from the bridge, so it would have been faster to just go a bit more the “wrong way”, but I said we should turn around and go the long way as that was the right way, but I really just wanted to ride a bit more. hahahaha.. 

We did that, and had an awesome ride around the “island”, and made it to the bridge.  We crossed the London Bridge and spotted an ice cream place, so we hopped off the bikes and started walking the bikes down some steps to get to the boardwalk.  Bella went first and I didn’t think she’d be able to hold her bike, but she did fine.  I went with her.  Bia and Carol went next.  Bia was not able to hold her bike and it ended up hitting her leg and she yelled “ouch”.  As I looked at her, I could see something hurt her, and that she was about to let the bike go… which would have sent it rolling down the steps, and towards Bella and I… but, she held on to it until Carol reached out and grabbed the bike.  Turns out the pedal hit her leg and she could not hold the bike for one step.  No crisis.. a few tears… all good. 

We made it down, and parked the bikes, and they got ice cream.  While Carol helped them with the Ice cream, I found a place to have some beers, so when they got back, we moved the bikes to the little place a few feet away, just under the bridge that had some huts and cold beer.  The girls had their ice cream in the shade, and Carol and I had cold beers.  The girls got more ice cream, and we got a few more beers.  We had a nice time sitting there, chatting and people watching, and enjoying our beverages of choice.  We always have a good time when we hang out like that.

Then the girls wanted to go back and go to the pool, so we wrapped up, paid up and left.  This time, I found the path to not have to go up the stairs, so we took the steeper way up and around.  The ladies pushed the bikes up while I pedaled, as it was quite steep, but better than steps.  We had a really nice bike ride back, well it was really nice both ways, super nice views of the area. 

When we got back, we all got our things to go to the pool and hit the showers from there.  The girls brought a ball and were playing volleyball since they had a net by the pool.  I joined them after some time, and they teamed up to play against me.  We played without following any rules, just hitting or throwing the ball to the other side, and calling points, but not counting them.  It was a lot of fun.  We played for a good 45 minutes. 

Then around 7 or so we hit the showers.  After the showers, we went back home and got dinner going.  We wanted to make something quick, so we just figured we’d make Ramen, boil some eggs and add whatever else was in the fridge, so I had one buffalo plant burger I added to mine.  It was actually pretty good.  We made it all outside, and ate outside and had a nice time together.  It’s really nice to be able to be outside and not freeze :). 

After that, we got the girls ready for bed and in bed.  Then Carol worked on videos and I did a few things online before going to bed myself.

We had a super nice day.  I’m going to miss this place, and especially knowing we didn’t even scratch the surface as to things to do and places to see here.

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