Day 128 – 1/5/21 Catch up and Relax at the Campground in Acton, CA

We had a nice relaxing day of school work, catching up, and just chilling back at the campground.

I had a tough night and woke up a lot of times with back pain, and am not sure if it was the air mattress or what, but I sure turned around a lot over night and woke up with a lot of back pain.  It usually goes away as the day gets going, so I’ll just keep going.  I got Bia up and going with school, and worked on some posts and did some work.  I also worked on looking for campgrounds for our Grand Canyon and Flagstaff part of the trip.  I got two sites for that period, one right by the entrance of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and another right in Flagstaff.  In looking at the temps there, yikes, it’s going to be cold.  The coldest we got so far I think, with overnights in the mid 20s.  The first campground already said they don’t have water, so we’ll have to use their fill station at the entrance.  The second one will have water but they ask that we disconnect overnight so the water does not freeze by the pipes.  I prepared Carol for these things, and it’s going to be a bit tough as we are getting warmer now, and will be doing from 60s and some 70s into the 40s, with overnights into the 20s.  Yikes.  When I was done with what I wanted to get done, I went for a 5 mile run.  I had a good run.  Great weather outside and not many people outside to worry about either.  It felt great.

Bia had a good day of school, got all her stuff done, logged back in a bit later in the morning and submitted all her work.

Bella had an amazing day, she didn’t have to do any science since she had finished it all the day before, so she got her ELA and math done quick, and she was all done around 9:30.

I had woken Carol up around 7 or so so she could go upstairs and get breakfast for us.  Since we are at her cousin’s house, it was best if she did that part while the three of us stayed downstairs and worked.  Carol got coffee, chocolate milk, and she warmed up French bread with butter for us, yummmm.  Then, after we all had breakfast, she went up and made more sfihas to use up all the ingredients from the night before, and so we had lunch as well.  Carol also took the opportunity these last two days to upload all the photos to her iCloud, and then download videos so she can work on her next video.

After we ate lunch, we packed up and were ready to leave Alex’s house and go back to the campground.  We didn’t have anything major we wanted to see yet or again, and I wanted to beat traffic getting out of the city.  We had said goodbye to Adam earlier in the morning as he went to work.  We then said goodbye to Alex, and were on our way.  Thank you both for the hospitality these last few days, and for going through the trouble of wearing masks inside your own house so we could all be safe.  We made a couple of stops before we hit the highway.  We stopped at the car wash to get the free car wash I got with the wash we bought a few days ago, then we stopped at a pharmacy so Carol could get a few things and a shampoo for me.  hahahah… I don’t really like most regular shampoos, especially ones with conditioners, because my hair is thin and always just runs down my forehead when I want to style it back and up.  I tried this shampoo at Alex’s house and it was great, it was some volume builder, and it worked great, so Carol got me one that a review said the guy’s hair looked like Elvis’ hair. hahahahaha… We shall see.  From there, we hit the highway.  The GPS had us go through a different route this time, we drove through Simi Valley, which is a nice area too.  Nice views of mountains and valleys from there as well.  We were back within an hour, and I went to the closest gas station and filled up right away, that way we are all set for tomorrow.

We got to the campground and unpacked the truck, and started packing in things for tomorrow.  Bia was helping me, and got on the bed of the truck an started cleaning it.  She said it was too sandy so she wanted to sweep it.  I got most of the stuff from there out so she could sweep, then we put it all back, plus the chairs, grill, etc and got the outside all put away for tomorrow already.  While Bia and I did that, Bella was making a costume out of recycled items, like grocery store bags and such.  She came back out with her costume and called it the plastic recycler. Hahahah… I love her creations. 

Carol had one of the Zero G chairs and was just relaxing in front of the trailer facing the sun.  That’s a great spot to relax and have some sunshine.  I wanted to make sure everyone stayed outside for some time today, so we did that.  When Bia and I were done with the truck, Bella wanted help picking up twigs so she could build a play house \ fort.  We all got into it and helped, and she built a house first, then Carol got her started on some paths, and then Bia joined and worked on a mountain of mud. hahaha… they were so into it they worked on it until after it got dark.  They needed a flashlight to work, but they worked on it for quite some time.  It was very cool what they did, and I really enjoyed that they were playing outside.  Carol got dinner started and I drove into town to get some beer as we had none.

After I got back, the girls wrapped up outside and we all went inside and started getting the trailer cleaned up for the night, and so we could have dinner.  We had dinner, the girls showered and we started watching some TV.  We watched a few episodes of Cobra Kai (which is a series now from the original Karate Kid movie), and put the girls to sleep around 8:30.  Carol and I finished putting things away and went to bed around 10.

It was a good and relaxing last day here.

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