Day 129 – 1/6/21 Acton to Newport Beach, CA.

Today is moving day, we move from Acton, in the LA area by the mountains, to Newport Beach in Orange County, south of LA.  I’m kind of excited to keep moving, and a bit anxious about the check in process with all the COVID restrictions as well.

Our camp site in the Newport Dunes Marina and Resort

Since we packed most of our stuff last night, we were in no rush to get ready today, but I got up as usual for a school day, at 5:30amPST, to then woke Bia at 5:45amPST, so she could join her class at 6am (8amCT).  Bia got going, I worked on posts and did some website work, did some bills, etc.  Then I got Bella up just before 7amPST, she joined her ELA and got going.  Both girls were pretty much done with school by 10amPST, Bia had one more call right at 10, which she finished from the truck, as we were leaving.

When I was all done, I started getting ready to go outside and get packed.  Carol was up and started the packing process pretty much right away as well.  No surprises today.  Bella and Bia had found a dead bird the day before, and Bella built a little graveyard thing for the bird, she was touched, as expected, and was crying for a while that the bird died.  It was a very pretty blue bird.  Carol thinks it got stuck on some net they likely use around here to help prevent erosion, and the bird got stuck and could not leave and died right there.  As usual again, we were done just around 11 and were out onto our next adventure.

The drive from Acton to Newport Beach was good.  Easy highway miles, lots of traffic but flowing the entire time.  The weather was nice, felt like the warmest day since it started getting cold, it was 74 at one point.  It took us just under 2 hours to get to our Newport Dunes Marina and Resort spot.  And the closer we got, the nicer it all looked.  We got there early, and the girls were all done with school, so we all had plenty of time to enjoy the grounds and the weather before it got dark (and colder).  Right as we arrived and Carol and I were working on backing in the trailer, the girls were out of the car and playing around.  The sites are sand, so they were doing their usual, getting leaves, digging, making piles, etc.  They then got buckets and were making houses, and roads, and played with the sand in the spots behind ours for quite a long time. 

Carol guided me to backing the trailer into the spot, and we got it connected and setup from there.  Everything was fine on setup, they have cable as well.  The sewer connection here is a bit funky, it’s a bit elevated and it’s inside the post where all the connections are, so it’s not an easy way to connect.  I ended up putting the tracks under the sewer hose so water would flow better.  It’s working good enough.

When we were all done, Carol and I rode the bikes around.  We went around the Marina, and this area is very nice.  Lots of things to do nearby, Kayak rentals, Stand up paddleboards, etc.  We were just riding slow to check out the area, and were back pretty quick.  There is a bike bath right next to us, but we didn’t take that, we didn’t want to be too far from the girls.  We checked out the pool area, which also has some hot tubs.  This is a nice resort overall.  Lots of amenities and all very well kept and pretty.  There are lots of big buses here, big RVs, etc.  We are the smallest ones here (at 35 ft overall length), and certainly the cheapest priced RV. Hahahahah.  Then after we came back we just sat outside by the sun and relaxed, and enjoyed.

As it got darker and colder, Carol got some soup ready for dinner.  The girls had all the soup, so I had some sandwiches and Carol and I tried to finished whatever else was left overs in the fridge.  When we finished eating and the girls had showered we watched some TV.  I was watching the news… and the news of the day is that some Trump supporters rioted into the Capital building in DC.  It was insane.  These people just invaded the capital building as the electoral votes were being counted, which is a process to confirm Biden as the voted president.  They disrupted the process as police tried to secure the building after it was invaded.  People broke stuff, vandalized it, broke windows, took stuff. It was the craziest thing to see in the US, felt like it was a third world country.  Worst of all, Trump enticed it all with his tweets and videos.  Unbelievable to watch.  Anyway, social media platforms later blocked Trump for a day or so, then later on the block was extended.  Wow.

Anyway, while we watched the news, the girls were playing, drawing and coloring.  Bella was mainly on her phone playing games but Bia was drawing and coloring.  And as it got close to their bed time, we just put them to bed.  I did a bit more work, and called it a day.

It was actually a good moving day, and glad to be in a bit warmer weather, and a nice place.

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