Day 99 – 12/7 Baker Beach and Ocean Beach

We had a nice warmer day and enjoyed some beaches.

This was a very windy early morning, the wind was strong enough it was shaking the trailer.  The sounds of the waves crashing outside was a little louder too.  But, it turned out to be a great day, warmer than most of the days we’ve had in a while, in the low 70s.

I worked on getting caught up on writing posts this morning, did a bit of work, and went for a run.  I ran towards Pacifica and the pier, it’s flatter that way and a nice run near the beach at the end of the stretch.  I didn’t go up the mountain this time.  It was a nice run, it was warm and I was able to run with just shorts and a T-shirt. When I got back, I decided to check the roof of the trailer since I didn’t the last time I did maintenance. I just put the ladder and went up there to look for any rips, cuts or anything not looking right. All looked normal, as it did last time I checked… nice view from up there.

Carol did laundry today, and worked on lunch early, so we could leave early as well.  The laundry room here is nice, lots of machines, so doing laundry is much faster than many places… load up as many machines as it takes for the entire laundry, and just wait for the time to wash and dry.

Bia got her school work done, she was up right away and got going, and was done quite early.  

Bella started slower, she didn’t want to get out of bed, and started her class in bed.  I had not been able to print all her stuff for her, so she was missing some papers as well.  But, she was not complaining and just got going with what she could, so when it was time to leave, I just checked what she was missing and we agreed she’d do it when we got back later at night.

We ate lunch around noon, and left right after that.

First, we went to Baker Beach.  As we arrived in the parking lot, there were signs saying there are frequent break ins there, so that left Carol a bit uneasy already.  We parked kind of in the middle and just made sure we didn’t have anything that would call attention on display.  As we started walking towards the beach, we could see the Golden Gate Bridge.  Baker Beach has an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I read somewhere this is also a nude beach hahahahah… though it was not that warm for that today. 

The beach was nice, lots of fine sand, fairly clean, great view.  The waves today were crazy, huge waves, crashing violently around the same spot.  There were signs that with the waves and currents people should not go in, and there was no-one in the water.  We stayed in there for about an hour, just enjoying the sun and watching the waves and the view. 

Bia was reading her new book, and just enjoying laying in the sun and reading.  Bella was not being very nice.  She forgot her sweatshirt and was just being very annoying and complaining.

From there we went to Ocean Beach.  We parked kind of across from Golden Gate Park and walked around a bit.  Bella was still complaining she didn’t have her sweatshirt.  First of all, she didn’t need one as it was nice and warm… but we were giving her options.  She could just use mine, or use a towel.  She had a towel but was still complaining, so I figured maybe she just felt she looked silly with a towel, so I offered to have a towel covering me as well… and that did it.  I wanted to make a stop at the Chalet Brewery and Restaurant which is kind of at the tail end of Golden Gate Park, overlooking Ocean Beach. 

We took the long way there so we could get a little walk inside the park first.  When we got to the restaurant we learned it was closed due to covid restrictions.  bummer…. The girls and Carol used the restroom and we went back to the beach. 

Ocean beach is huge, it’s like over a mile long, and the tide was low so there was a lot of sand in front of us, very soft and fine sand.  We found a spot to sit close enough to the water, and hung out there the rest of the day. 

The girls found their groove and were playing non stop, running around, rolling in the sand hahahahaha… they were having a great time.  I joked a few times that it was time to go and they both said firmly “no, we want to play more”. 

It was very nice to be there, watch the sunset, watch the huge waves and how once in a while the water would come pretty far into the sand for a bit, then retract, forming some puddles and even like a river as the water flowed back in.  Pretty cool.  There was a guy sleeping not too far ahead of us, and one of the times the water came up towards us it came close enough that it went passed him and got him wet.  Whatever he had on the sand got wet and it also woke him up.  He moved around a bit, then sat down and meditated right there, until it happened again, then he grabbed his stuff and left.  This kind of thing happened to a few other people who were just relaxing somewhere near the water and out of the blue the tide came and got their stuff.  Well, at one point as Carol was near the waves watching the sunset, she saw some keys rolling… it was a Toyota car key and some other keys in a key chain.  She grabbed it, thinking maybe it was that guy’s keys.  We looked around, called 311 to see what we could do with the keys and what not… We were told they didn’t help with that stuff, and we should just look for a park ranger and give it to them… what?  Ok, I went looking for one, walked for like 10 minutes and didn’t see any.  I decided I’d rather keep the keys then leave it there for someone ill intentioned to find them, then go looking for the car.  Plan was to just hand them over to a cop once we saw one.  As the sun set and it got dark, it also started getting colder, so we left.

It was a little later than we expected and Bella still had school work to do, so we picked up some food on the way to make it faster to get all done for the night.  The girls had been asking for MacDonalds since the start of the trip and we had not done that yet, so I went through a drive-thru and got food for the girls and I.  Carol got tacos across the street from there and we went home. 

We all ate, Bella showered first and finished her school work.  We wanted to make sure the girls were in bed early, so they both went to bed by 8:30.  I was pretty tired as well, so I was out by 9:30 and Carol stayed up and finished things and took care of her annual Xmas magic stuff :).

Nice day at the beach today enjoying this beautiful sunset and crazy waves.

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