Day 100 – 12/8 Sausalito, Funston Fort Beach, Ocean Beach

Today was a warmer day again, so we checked out Sausalito and went to Funston Fort and Ocean beach.

We had another warmer day today, low to mid 70s, so it was nice.

Our morning routine was a little different, our internet was not good and kept dropping calls, or making the calls choppy.  My work calls were quite iffy due to the connection, so I needed to change to the AT&T hotspot for my last call.  Bia had the most trouble as she had a harder time following her math class.  I’ll have to switch it sooner tomorrow morning so she doesn’t miss class.  The other thing that was going on is that we had helicopters flying around for a few hours this morning.  We read later that someone who was by the pier by the beach got swept into the water by the waves. 

The waves were huge today, reaching 25ft, and when I looked over at the pier I could see waves completely covering the pier.  The choppers were flying around for quite a while, then boats came around too.  It does not sound like they found the person.  The waves were scary huge and just smashing back and forth, strong currents, hard to imagine someone making it out safely.  What a bummer.  Not sure if the helicopters flying around too close messed up the internet here or not.

Anyway, girls got their work done.  Bia was done early again.  Bella was done right before lunch, she rocked it today.

Carol did laundry, made lunch, and cleaned up the trailer all at the same time almost through the morning, so we could be ready to go right after lunch.

I had calls all morning, most work calls, and I also had a nice chat with my buddy Ray.  Always good catching up with him.

We left to Sausalito right after lunch, right at 1pm.  The drive there is nice since we go through the Golden Gate Bridge, which is such a nice bridge with an awesome view.  I had planned to stop at the northern end of Sausalito, then drive the shoreline south. 

On our first stop we saw the floating houses.  Kind of cool.  Some of those floating homes were very nice, with big windows, one looked like a boat, and others were more square and just there. hahaha… We kept driving and we could tell it’s a nice little town, lots of boats and marina areas, lots of little places to eat.  Cute town but not much to do for us.  No beach or anything really. 

We kept going until we hit Battery Yates, Horseshoe Bay Area.  That was nice.  Pretty views of San Francisco from there, and view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

We walked around a bit and decided to go back to the other side and go to a beach since the weather was so nice.  Again, driving through the Golden Gate Bridge is so nice.

We went to Funston Fort to check out the beach there.  When you get there, you’re on top of the cliff and need to take either of two paths to get to the beach.  The path on the left is more direct, but quite steep and sandy.  The one on the right is a bit longer, but paved almost all the way.  I didn’t tell anyone the options, and just took the one on the right so we’d have a nice walk as well. hahahahaha… we indeed had a nice walk. 

Lots of people with their dogs around here, and many unleashed.  At one point though a big dog came by Bia and jumped on here, probably to say hi, but freaked her out.  She was complaining then about all these people with their dogs unleashed and how rude they are to just let their dogs jump on people.  YES, that’s how I feel too, especially when I’m out running.  As we got close to the beach, there was a sandy path down, which was actually pretty fun to take.  Very soft fluffy sand. 

Once we got down near the water, the tide was high and so there was not much sand area, and what was there was wet, so not so nice to just hang out and play.  And because the waves and currents were so strong, lots of debris was on the beach. 

We all agreed to just go back and go to Ocean Beach again because they liked the beach there better.  So, this time, we walked towards the path on the right.  We had a nice walk and found the trail to go back which was just in the middle of the cliff, and at some point you could see steps and a rail. 

We started walking in there, Carol was not sure we’d find our way back to the steps, but we did hahahah… we passed a few areas that were not too easy, there was sand on the cliff. 

Once we got to the steps, that’s when it got hard, it was very steep and within a few seconds the girls were panting.  Carol came behind and was also struggling to come up.  I trucked along ahead and used that as a mini workout hahahaha.  We all made it up and sure got a little tired.  By time we got back to the car, we had walked almost 2 miles.  Yeeeeaaaa.

Then we went back to Ocean Beach, I tried to find a spot closest to where we already were, so south from where we were yesterday, and got lucky to find a spot right on the street next to the beach entrance.  We got our stuff and went up the little mounds, crossed another street, went up another little mount and there was the beach.  And there was the high tide again, leaving little room for nice soft sand.  To get near the water we had to go down the little hill we were on, which was all sand, so we all had some fun with it and hopped our way down the sand. Hahahah… We stopped right there, on the hill, and put the towels down on the hill.  There was not much room beyond that as the water was coming up that far. 

Since we were right by the hill, the girls decided to slide down a path they made on the sand, then they started rolling down… hahaha they were full of sand.  Hair, pants, shoes, then no shoes, then Bia got it in her face and eyes.. and that was the end of that. 

We stayed in that spot for about an hour, and really until the sun set, which is when it got cold.  It was a bit colder today, there was a cold breeze coming in.  And as Bia got a face full of sand, it was time to leave.  The challenge then was to get them in the truck, then back in the trailer and showered without getting sand everywhere.  We did our best, but there was some sand in the truck and in the trailer, but not too bad.

After we got home we all ate, we tried to finish some left overs we had.  The girls dried the dishes and put them away, and then just played around.  Bella didn’t want to set her bed, so that took a while.  Bia had hers done.  I had to make a deal with Bella that if she made her bed quick, I’d sleep there tonight and she could take my spot, so I ended up sleeping in the top bunk for the night. hahahaha..  Not too bad though, it’s actually pretty fine.

Girls were in bed by 8:30.  I worked on a post until almost 10, and Carol was reading something until after I went to sleep.

It was a nice day checking out new places.

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