Day 86 – 11/24 Catch up day

Today was a no adventure, finish work, get caught up and start preparing for Thanksgiving, type of day.

The girls had a good morning of virtual school, and were done pretty much around lunch time.  When I checked their work around noon, all they had left were some music class videos to watch, and some physical activities to do.

I had calls all morning, with a window of 1 hr in between my second and third call.  I had planned already that I’d be ready to go for a run, so as soon as my second call was done, I finished getting ready and went.  I ended up hitting a more industrial area on my run, and even though I found a bike path, it seemed that the area was under construction so I had to run on the street most of the time. 

Lots of trucks and businesses around trucks, tires, brakes, etc.  It was a good run though, weather was nice, sunny, no clouds, and warm enough for just a T-shirt.  I got back just in time to get my laptop and join my third call.  All my work calls were good, but I have lots of work to do in the next 2-3 weeks now as one of my clients review is done and I have to write the assessments and recommendations.  

After my last call, I took a quick shower and went to a nearby gas station to get some beers, while Carol finished lunch.  

Carol worked on finishing laundry this morning, and went out shopping a few times.  She got groceries for us for the next few days, but mainly stuff for Thanksgiving.  One of her stops was at a Trader Joe’s, and when she got there, there was no easy place to park, especially the truck, so she had to park a bit far and walk.  Then, as she got close she realized they had a line and were only letting a certain number of people in, so she had to wait to get in.  And once in, she could not buy everything she wanted (not needed) because she’d have to carry it all back to the truck… hahahah… best way to go shopping in my opinion, you only buy what you really need :). But, in the end, she went shopping a few more times and probably bought way more anyway. :(. I am happy she got a Picanha for me, but dammm that was expensive!

The girls were finishing their “activities” for school after lunch, then once they were done, I asked them to organized their things in the trailer.  They don’t have class again until Monday, so I wanted to clean up so we have 5 days without school stuff on the way.  They finished cleaning up school stuff, then we moved to making their beds. 

The little lights Carol had gotten to decorate the windows for Halloween were handy, so the girls decided to “install” the lights in the bunks.  One light for each. 

It actually turned out pretty cool, so now they have their own lights in their bunks, which they can control how they blink and what not. 

They also updated the light up board with our next destination.

Then when they were done they went out to play, went to the playground, petting zoo, etc.  They love biking around the campground.

Carol got back after dark, and I was inside with the girls.  I took care of the final laundry round while she was out and we were watching a movie.  Carol got dinner going, she had bought the “small gyozas” from Trader Joe’s and the girls love those. 

I also opened the cheeses she got at Trader Joe’s. This Dutch Spicy one was awesome, super creamy and tasty.

This Horseradish Cheddar was pretty great as well. I loved both cheeses.

The two bags of gyoza that Carol made were gone fast. hahahaha… those little things are good!  Then she made some Fresh Rolls and we finished eating.  We watched a little bit more TV and I was tired and ready for bed.  I went to sleep before they all did and that was it.  Carol stayed up with the girls and they watched some TV.

Busy day, glad there’s no school for the kids tomorrow so we can go see the town.

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