Day 85 – 11/23 Cloverdale to West Sacramento

Today was moving day, we moved from Cloverdale to West Sacramento.

It’s unusual for us to be moving on a Monday, but we are on a funky schedule for a week or so, as we were having a hard time getting reservations when I started booking the rest of the stays here in California.  I got it back to Wednesdays and Sundays again after our stay in San Francisco.  But, moving on a Monday was kind of like moving on a Wednesday….

Kids were up early and doing virtual school.  This week (today and tomorrow) is different as the whole school is virtual, so it’s supposed to be a little easier.  They were both logged in most of the time.  I had gotten the bikes put away last night, so just had to put away chairs, table and grill, and start disconnecting everything.  Carol took care of the inside.  We started getting ready at 9, and moved fast.  Around 9:45 we had the girls move to the truck and continue their classes from there, so they took the hotspot and went.  Carol closed the slide out, and we finished hitching up.  We were out by 10am!  That’s the new record for us :). 

Our drive to West Sacramento was good, just a little zig zag as we left, but we soon hit a bigger road, and within 20 minutes were on a 2 lane highway, then as we got closer the road got bigger and in no time we were in Sacramento with 6 lanes of traffic flow.  We only had a little over an hour drive, and were at the new campground in West Sacramento by 11:30.  The views on the way here were nice, nothing major… sky was blue and clear, but there was a haze in the horizon, can’t tell if that’s from fires, but likely it is smoke from fires, though not too strong. 

We checked in at the campground, which was like 2 minutes off the highway, and they let us check in and had a spot ready for us.  The campground is not full, so I’m not surprised they let us in early :). 

We have a good spot, with people on both sides, but our spot is big enough to fit the trailer and the truck, and open the slide out and awning, with plenty of room to spare.  The place is nice too, with palm trees and lots of birds.  The campground also has a covered heated pool, where the cover is this inflatable white bubble.  It’s interesting and cool.  Girls were excited to be able to go in the pool.  They also went to the playground right away, it is nice and big with lots of different toys. 

What they didn’t see right away is that this place also has a petting zoo.  Once we told them, Bella went nuts… she has been wanting to go to one for a while.  She went there right away… they have chicken, goats, and pigs. hahahaha… she is loving it!  We told the girls to just go play while we got everything setup.

While doing our normal setup and opening the little foldable table we have, the pin didn’t come out and was stuck inside.  Well, no easy way to fix that one so had to take the leg apart, break a few plastic pieces in the process, fish the pin, put it back and then get the table back.  It’s working, but I am not sure how long this table will last.  There’s plenty of corrosion on it, from our time in Coos Bay.

Carol got done with setup and started working on lunch.  I grilled chicken outside for lunch too.

After lunch, Carol worked on laundry.  The girls continued playing around the campground, biking around, going to the playground.  I eventually took them to the petting Zoo, and Bella was super excited. 

She wanted to go inside immediately hahahaha… she did go. 

We also rode around the campground and saw their fire ring by the river, where they also have three swing chairs that face the sunset. 

Very cool spot.  After I went back, the girls got Carol to take them to the pool.  I had some work stuff to do so I stayed in the trailer and did some work. The girls enjoyed the pool, they said it is nice and warm, and because it is all enclosed, there is no cool breeze to make them feel cold.  When they got back though, I could smell the chlorine from far. Hehehe.

After they got back, we started the showers while Carol and I made pizza on the grill. 

I love those little pizzas (with the fresh tortilla shell as crust). 

After dinner, we had the kids finish whatever school they had left, read, then we watched some TV.  We wanted to get them to bed at a decent time so they can do their last day of the week tomorrow with no problems.

It was a nice relaxing day today, good to be in a nice campground with different stuff.

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