Day 68 – 11/6 Rainy day, catch up day

Today was our first rainy day of the trip, so we stayed in and used it to catch up on things.

The morning routine was as usual, and the girls got going right away.  Bella was done before lunch again, there was less work for her today and she just went for it.  She got done so fast that before lunch she was event doing her own made up art project while Bia was still having class.  Bia did great as well, but had the usual work.  Bia also had a 1on1 session with her teacher to go over some math stuff she was not understanding.  Bia finished after lunch and had fun doing her weaving with a loom project, it’s turning out pretty cool.

It was still raining when I woke up, and it rained for most of the morning.  The awning stayed out overnight and I had to go make sure we didn’t have anything happen and it was fine.  The awning helps a lot when it rains so we can still use the outside, leave the door or window a bit open, etc and since we have an outside fridge, it helps a lot so we can get to stuff that is there, which is usually beer. Hahahaha.

Carol was determined to finish a video today, so she worked on that most of the day.  She took a break at lunch to make lunch and she made Gyozas (Japanese pot sticks) and Egg Rolls. 

Lunch was delicious. 

The other break she took was to do one load of laundry so I could have some pants and sweatshirts cleaned up, along with whatever was in the bin.  I’m happy to say, she did finish the video editing and there should be a new video on Youtube by tomorrow.

I got some work done, and spent a good amount of the day getting posts updated, getting posts ready, so I can move closer to being 5-7 days behind at most.  I am caught up writing posts and have added about 5 today to the blog as drafts, and posted on live.  I posted about our trip to Bandon today, and that’s one of my favorites as the pictures are amazing.  Post is here:

I also went for a run, and was lucky to find a little window of time the sun was kind of coming out, the rain had stopped for a bit, so I got a 4 mile run in right around here. 

It was a nice run, I went to the Jed Smith Park nearby and the scenery there was awesome.  The huge trees with all the mist from the rain and that sunshine peaking through was awesome.  I’m glad I got out because soon after I got back it was drizzling again.

After lunch, both girls were done with school and were working on their art projects. 

Notice this is her view of her virtual class, with her hand up and the other desks from the physical class. Wow! No one gave her the idea, it was all her.

Bella worked on her own thing, and Bia on her school one. 

Bella wanted to make some food for Maggie too, so Bia and her started chopping carrots.

And Bella then put it all together in a paste that she gave to Maggie later. Maggie loved it. hahahaha

I asked them to clean up the area so we could put the school stuff away, and make sure their boxes were cleaned up, all the garbage out, etc. and after they cleaned up they could watch some TV.  That did the job hahahaha… they got everything cleaned up and organized and were watching a movie then.  They ended up watching movies the rest of the day, I think they got to watch 3-4 movies.  All this while Carol and I continued working on video and posts.

Bob and Judy called and we talked for a while.  The girls were excited to talk to them, Bia was so excited so was telling stories non stop, and fast… talk talk talk.. it was funny.  Bob was lost, and so was I. Hahahah….  Girls talked to them first, then I did, then Carol did.  It was nice catching up when we had down time, much easier to talk and have conversations, even though the internet was not helping towards the end, but we talked for about 2 hours or so.  

After a while Bob had gone to bed, and Carol was talking to Judy with Maggie on her lap.  Maggie was kind of unrested and moving around, so Carol kept rearranging her and then suddenly… ahahahahaha… Maggie peed on Carol’s lap! Hahahahaha…. And it was not just a few drips, it was full on peeing hahahahahah… Judy and I were laughing good.  Carol ended the call pretty much then to get cleaned up.  She put Maggie down and her pants were soaked.  She took her pants off and asked the girls to take Maggie out, but the girls were watching their movie so they didn’t move and Carol ended up going outside just wearing her underwear hahahahaha…. After Maggie did her business, Carol got back inside and took a shower.

For dinner we just each found something to eat in the fridge, left overs from lunch, sandwiches or what not.  Carol joined the girls to watch a movie, and I wrapped up some work in the computer.  

I went to bed first, I was tired, and since I wake up early every day, I just went to bed and had some extra rest time.  The girls finished the movie with Carol and went to bed too.

Our plans for today were to go on a hike in one of the trails around here, so we missed that, but that’s ok, we made 67 days before a rainy day, but I’m hoping we have better weather tomorrow so we can go explore.

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