Day 67 – 11/5 Tour Thru Tree, Klamath River Outlook and Kidtown Park

We had a nice day today, even though it was foggy for most of the afternoon, we went to the Tour Thru Tree, then Klamath River Outlook both in Klamath and back to Crescent City’s Kidtown Park.

Virtual School today was great, kids got all their work done on their own, and were all done by lunch time.

Carol worked on editing videos and some posts on her social media channels, then lunch.  Oh, and she woke up feeling like a million bucks from sleeping in the new mattress hahahahaha…. Carol said she had a great night of sleep, did not wake up at all and had no pain.  I concur and had a great night of sleep as well.  I think the mattress top could be a bit softer, but I slept great.  Happy we switched.

I had a busy morning with work, had 3 calls and it was not much time to work on posts, so I left that for later in the day.  I also looked up our next move and booked a campground in Eureka, California, which is just about 90 miles south of here.  We want to head south little by little to make sure we can gauge the smoke situation as we continue heading south all the way to San Diego area.  I tried to get another campground right by the beach as it is warmer around here to hopefully we can enjoy a bit more of beach time.

After lunch, we cleaned up and left towards Klamath, which is about 30 miles south of here.  I wanted to check out the tree you can drive your car through, and then see some of the coast line.  The drive there was nice as we took hwy101, which is by the coast line and has awesome views.  But, after some time, the fog was coming in from the Ocean and blocking the views, so we could not see a lot most of the drive.

During the drive, Bella was still planning her farm, and was talking about her plans, updated plans, etc.  Always fun to hear her imagination come out.  Bia is now wanting to change her YouTube channel, change the name and content ideas, but is not 100% sure yet.  Plans Plans Plans.

The Tour Thru Tree place is not really obvious to find, we drove right by it and didn’t see it the first time.  As we were driving back to try to find it again we saw a smaller sign.  We drove in and stopped at the booth, which was not manned by anyone and just had a sign that said “Put money in slot, we trust you”. hahahahaha… It was $5 per car, so pretty decent.  We put the money through the slot and drove up the little steep drive towards the tree.  The tree is really big and they carved the slot to fit the cars through. I felt like I could fit the truck through if I folded the mirrors in, so I went for it.  Carol was a little afraid we’d hit something, so she got out to “make sure”.  That was actually fun.  It was down to factions of an inch to make it through with the RAM 3500, I was very close to hitting both sides most of the time while going through, but I took my time and adjusted little by little and we made it through.  The girls had a good time too, they had their windows open and were touching the tree as we went through.  Carol was outside in the front, filming and guiding :). Once we were through the tree, that was it.  There’s actually nothing else to do there. hahahaha… but, it’s one of those cool things you can do if you have extra time.

Before we actually headed to our next stop, the girls wanted to see the Emu closer as they had two across the street, so we did that for a bit, but they were not moving much, maybe it was rest time for them. 🙂

We left there and started heading back, looking for signs for the Klamath River Outlook.  We did see one sign, but it pointed to a side road pullout, not a street or anything.  I took a shot that maybe it actually meant it would be the next road, so we followed that one.  That one was heading up the mountain towards the Ocean.  The road was narrow and steep, but it looked like the view from up there would be awesome so we kept going.  Once we got to a spot that the fog from the Ocean was crossing the road we were in, I stopped to let the girls “touch the clouds”.  They’ve been noticing for a while that as we go up mountains we get close to the clouds and they keep saying they wanted to touch clouds, so that was my chance to let them touch the clouds. hahahaha…. Carol was like, not understanding what I was doing, but let it go, until she saw how excited the girls were to be touching the clouds. Hahahah..  We kept driving but really could not see a hole lot as the fog by the ocean was pretty dense.  When we got all the way to the top, there was a little parking lot with a sign that said “Klamath River Outlook”.  Yeeeee we found it. hahaha.

Carol had found berries and went right to picking them since we could not see much of the view.  Bia was with her. 

Bella was with her for some time, then joined me.  I was just walking around, reading the signs, trying to find spots where we could see something. 

Little by little the weather opened up a bit, we could see the sun coming out through a gap in the clouds… then we started seeing a bit of the beach, and each time more.  I saw a sign that this place was good for whale watching, so I went to the truck to get the binoculars.

The view from there was pretty amazing, and even though our view was limited, the much we could see was beautiful.  We didn’t spot any whales this time, but were able to see more details from the beach below, and I even saw a person running down there. 

We enjoyed the view and tried to see stuff for some time and then decided to continue heading back.

When we got back to Crescent City we wanted to go to the Lighthouse, but the fog was so dense we would not be able to see anything, so we changed plans and went to the city park instead, where they have a nice and big playground they call Kidtown. 

We let the girls play there as long as they wanted.  It was so foggy that Bella’s hair was wet just from being outside.  The girls like playgrounds, and had a good time there. 

We need to make sure we stop at playgrounds more often during our stops, so they can do their kids things.  They played for at least an hour there, and then we decided to move on so we would not get back too late.

I wanted to check out the other brewery they have in town, so we went there next.  Port’O Pints is quite a small place, Bella even said she realized this was a house before as it had rooms and the brewery itself was int he garage… quite right.  It was a more local place, so it had some cool pirate decor and stuff like that. 

We had an order of pretzel bites, which was awesome, and some drinks, then went to our final stop for the day…. CCs!  Girls wanted Ice Cream and we were a block away, so I made a stop there.

After we got back everyone showered, Carol made dinner, I worked on posts and we called it a day.  It was nice to be out and seeing new places.  It was drizzling when we arrived, so I left the awning out and open all night.  Hoping it will be there in one piece tomorrow. 

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